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Changhua Wu: The Clean Revolution in China

Changhua Wu is the Greater China Director of The Climate Group. As an analyst focusing on China’s environment and development policies, Changhua Wu was also a member of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Expert and Advisory Group and brainstormed for proposals for the Accord in 2009 Global Climate Change Copenhagen Summit.

In her Blog, Changhua will be commenting on Chinese climate policy and the growth of clean technologies; in short, sharing China's own Clean Revolution.

Translated by: Wen Hao, Echo, Ge Xin, Sofia Li-Hsin Lee and Fang Zuo.

  • World Economic Forum in Dubai

    16 November 2012

    Today I attended the World Economic Forum in China.

    wef dubai
  • Meeting with Wang Shi, Chairman of Vanke - the world largest property developer from China

    16 November 2012

    I met with Chairman Wang Shi of Vanke, the world largest property developer from China while in Dubai.

    Changhua Vanke
  • Climate change takes low priority during US presidential elections

    10 September 2012

    We are now in the heat of the US presidential elections. Following the confirmation of candidates from both parties and various election speeches, it is obvious that climate change has taken a backseat this time.

  • Caring for the earth that is ‘borrowed from our children’

    04 February 2012

    As the proverb goes: ‘We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’ The vastness of China and her deep and pervasive influences makes China the leader in propelling the world economic Clean Revolution that will not just preserve the land for future generations, but let it prosper.

  • 2012 trends of US green business development

    29 January 2012

    Here are some key points from the American Sustainable Business Council report, which proposes some notable market trends in 2012 based on the annual green business development previously made.

    us flag
  • The world in the eyes of China and China in the eyes of the world

    27 January 2012

    With increasing levels of globalization, the connection between China and the world has never been closer, so China needs to seize this new opportunity. China and the world need transformation, making 2012 a year of reform in the 21st century.

    China main image
  • 2012: set up an ideal, a dream, and a plan for movements

    05 January 2012

    As our fears of 'doomsday 2012' faded, the year sneaked in without being noticed - and I pray and hope wholeheartedly this year will be for the better, and that it is remembered for much more positive reasons!

    Skyline sun city
  • Christmas, 2011: Reviewing the year

    24 December 2011

    As my team heads off to celebrate the festive holidays I take a look back over 2011, and despite the difficult international political progress, some inspiring trends are happening in some countries, regions and industries.

    Greater China
  • Moving on from COP17 and global crisis

    15 December 2011

    The year of 2011 has passed swiftly; Durban's COP17 ended only a short while after the introduction of China’s 12th Five Year Plan. But why is this international process so difficult? Moving beyond worldwide recession to countries' competition, let's also look ahead to 2012.

    China lanterns
  • Durban: arduous journey, pleasant result

    11 December 2011

    Well, today is the 14th day since the Durban negotiation began. The negotiation should have ended last Friday, according to the original plan. However, extension seems to have become the convention of international climate negotiations - delay is inevitable by at least one day. And this year at Durban, there is no exception.

    cop17 durban location

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