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Changhua Wu meets with Ningxia CDM Service Center Director, Jisheng Zhang

22 November 2012
Changhua Wu meets with Ningxia CDM Service Center Director, Jisheng Zhang

by Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group.

(November 22, 2012)

Today I met with Ningxia CDM Service Center Director Jisheng Zhang in The Climate Group’s Beijing Office. We exchanged views on how The Climate Group and Ningxia CDM Service Center can lead Ningxia’s Clean Development Mechanism process and how the two organizations can play a vital role under the Ningxia’s 12th Five-Year Plan.

The discussion began with a look at China’s Western Region Development Policy. I highlighted our China Redesign project from the perspective of climate investment and financing.

I then introduced the 1000 Villages Project, and the need for eco-migration policy to be emphasized in Ningxia’s 12th year plan.

Director Jisheng Zhang showed a keen interest in China’s Clean Revolution report and The Guideline for Chinese Corporate Carbon Strategy. He also asked me to make a speech for representatives from local government and his company. This speech is to give local government and companies an overview on how to better develop and implement low carbon strategies.

Located in the northwest of China, Ningxia is one of the largest rare metal production areas. Metals, medicine, mechanical and electrical, building materials and coal are the traditional pillar industries in Ningxia.

It is a pleasure to meet innovative leaders like Jisheng Zhang, as it will be companies like his that lead the clean revolution in China.

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