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China Redesign project closed the deal in Guiyang

22 November 2012
China Redesign project closed the deal in Guiyang

by Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group.

(November 22, 2012)

Today the co-operation agreement of a fund was signed between Guiyang Industrial Investment Company and Silver Capital, a leading private equity fund manager in China, to invest in clean technologies in Guiyang.

This is one of the projects which is bridged by The Climate Group with its partners in the China Redesign platform.

Besides the representatives from the partner companies and organizations, the Vice Mayor of Guiyang was a keynote speaker at the associated ceremony, along with myself.

While this update is only brief, you can expect to hear plenty more about China Redesign here on my blog - and on our News pages - very soon. 

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