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Hitting the ground running at COP18

05 December 2012
Hitting the ground running at COP18

By Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group.

December 5, 2012.

This week I am in Doha, Qatar for COP18 - of which you can find daily reporting on our News pages, with articles largely by Damian Ryan, our Senior Policy Manager, who is also on the ground with me. Also joining us from The Climate Group is Luc Bas, Head of European Programs and International States and Regions

And all of are hitting the ground running, with the endless side-events and negotiations in full swing. But while my week is jam-packed:

  • World Climate Summit, 12. 2 
  • Speakers’ dinner, hosted by Green Streem, 12.2 
  • COP related sessions and side events observer, 12.3 
  • Ministerial roundtable on CDM future development, 12.4 
  • Chinese NGO side event at China Pavilion, 12.4 
  • Chairing a side event on China carbon market and future green development at China Pavalion, 12.5 
  • Speaking at a China Carbon Market side event hosted by Green Stream, 12.5 
  • COP related sessions and side events observer, 12.6 
  • Depart for Beijing at 2:45 am, 12.7

..The Climate Group events are not to be missed, namely the event Luc Bas is heading on the important role of sub-national governments in closing the climate gap, and the announcement of our partnership with UNFCCC secretariat Momentum for Change.

Outside of that though, across the board I have been busy hearing strong, inspring speakers sound their support for a clean revolution and its related areas.

Italy announced that it will spend 20 billion Euros over the next 10 years on climate change adaptation. Helen Clark of UNDP shared the message of South-South cooperation. Qatar announced funding commitments with the injection of a Green Climate Fund. 

Also very positive is the fact that the UK has pledged funds for renewable energy in Uganda (wind energy and water security), with £30 million belonging to fast-start finance commitments. 

From Lin Jian, general manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Central Share Shanghai and Li Jie, vice president of the China Energy Conservation to the EU's Connie Hedegaard and UNFCCC's Christiana Figueres, the message is being heard loud and clear. 

Despite fears that differences in long-term cooperative action and adaptation difficulties with the 2013-15 financial commitments will hinder the negotiations, we will enter 2013 in focus and with clear priorities that we must embrace the clean revolution. 

Learn more about our activities at COP18 by keeping your eye on our News section

Back to my blog. 

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