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Low Carbon City Tour departing next week

26 August 2011
Low Carbon City Tour departing next week

By Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group.


On August 10, 2010, the National Development and Reform Committee issued the “National Development and Reform Committee’s notification regarding building low carbon pilot provinces and cities” and then decided the first five provinces and eight cities which would be included.

Later in March 2011 the 12th Five Year Plan targets for energy and carbon intensity reduction were set at the annual session of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Up until this point, China’s low carbon urban construction had only just begun.

But how to implement the low carbon plan? How to achieve the reduction targets? What are the challenges and obstacles in practice?

Well, to start with, The Climate Group has worked with China South Newspaper Group to conduct a series of Low Carbon City Tours. These tours, based on in-depth observations, aim to interpret and explore low carbon solutions from an independent third party perspective as well as to propagate the experience and achievements through news reports and documentaries.

A special committee of professionals has been set up to provide strategic guidance for this whole campaign, and in August and September, the committee plans to inspect several low carbon cities and produce a report based on the observations and information collected.

The feasibility of the cities' low carbon technology and solution plan will also be tested during these visits. The main conclusions of the report shall be reported to city administration and thus help with government decision-making, as well as propagating the main discoveries both at home and abroad.

The China Redesign project team of The Climate Group is going to be providing content support and professional guidance for the Low Carbon City Tours. The China Redesign project is committed to promoting local green development practices and low carbon leadership improvement projects, and aims to help cities realize the goal of low carbon development and explores the city low carbon path from a multi-dimensional perspective that combines policy, technology, investment and financing as well as markets.

This is a three-year project that involves ten demonstration projects of low carbon solutions for eight areas in five cities. The eight areas are: urban planning, energy management, green industry, Smart City, construction, transportation, low carbon investment and financing and carbon trading.

All of this will combine to help cities and related business organizations exploit the immense potentiality of emission reduction and gain increases, and finally reaching the country's reduction targets.

The Low Carbon City Tours has the following goals:

  • Communicate and disseminate success stories: inspect successful stories in low carbon technology and industry
  • identify the characteristics and highlights in the process of city low carbon development
  • enhance multi-city communication through news reports, activity reports and videos
  • Demonstration projects inspection: inspect the feasibility of several types of low carbon technology and solutions for cities
  • help cities with the methods for identifying areas for development in low carbon demonstration projects
  • provide necessary coordination support
  • promote low carbon solutions to a wider region. 

As the first stop in the tour, Hang Zhou is the perfect example: it is an eastern economically developed city with a per capita GDP of over US$10,000, the gradual optimization of economic structure of which is typical of the eastern economy. As a national low carbon pilot city, Hang Zhou has a lot of useful experience for other cities in planning, construction, transportation, low carbon communities and other areas. That is why Hang Zhou has been chosen as the first stop in the Low Carbon City Tours, before we continue to Chong Qing, De Zhou, Guang Dong Province and other regions.

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Translated by Fang Zuo. 

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