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VIDEO: Bijli - Clean energy for all in India

30 April 2014
VIDEO: Bijli - Clean energy for all in India

A new 6-minute film produced by The Climate Group and, takes a refreshing look at the challenges and opportunities for off-grid energy in India, which is the basis for our Bijli - Clean energy for all project. 

400 million people in India and 1.2 billion people globally have no access to electricity. The Climate Group’s Access to Rural Energy in India programme called Bijli – Clean energy for all is funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

The program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by deploying renewable energy technologies over the next two years. It addresses the challenges of scaling off-grid electrification, highlights India's opportunity to leapfrog from coal into the renewable energy age, and ultimately stimulate India’s Clean Revolution.

This 6 minute film “Bijli: Clean energy for all in India”, produced by The Climate Group, explains the challenges and opportunities for off-grid energy in India with the primary focus on mobilising private investment into this large market.

The video was first screened on April 28, during The Climate Group’s 10th year Anniversary celebration event in London, and was introduced by Krishnan Pallassana, India Director of The Climate Group.


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