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SMART 2020

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  • EV hype needs the smart grid

    16 April 2009

    We need a 'smart' grid if we hope to get the kind of solutions in electric vehicles that we've seen hyped over the last month or so.

    India night EVs
  • Reality check: G20

    31 March 2009

    The last paragraph of the leaked G20 draft communique mentions the challenge of climate change.

    Information and Communication Technologies
  • Obama, technology and innovation

    05 March 2009

    Julius Genachowski is Obama's new chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

  • Grid 2.0: When your refrigerator will talk to your car...

    25 February 2009

    ... will they have anything to say? It is unlikely that we'll ever think of our appliances as talkative, but basic sensors and communications on the energy system is likely to allow balancing of load from a host of distributed generation and storage units, such as solar panels and plug in electric vehicles.

    India night lights
  • Kindle Killer?

    19 February 2009

    Is Apple the Kindle killer? This is the question at the heart of the Economist article "An iTunes Moment" which suggests that more people have downloaded ebook apps on their iphones than have bought the new Kindle that came out in February.

  • US Stimulus package - buildings, energy efficiency, smart grid etc

    18 February 2009

    Are you sick of hearing about it yet? Well, I just thought I'd log my thoughts briefly today and add to them in the future.

  • No carbon mobile

    05 February 2009

    The new MOTO W233 Renew claims to be the first carbon neutral phone - through offsets. And using recycled materials and encouraging an easy recycling process for your phone - preprinted labels help?!

    Information and communications technologies
  • China: still a paradox

    30 January 2009

    John Elkington's recent talk on 'The Phoenix Economy' in London held some contradictions.

    Greater China
  • Kettles and kilograms

    13 January 2009

    I have a lot of questions about this headline, some of which are addressed in the frenzy of articles and blogs around this headline (see my google tag on delicious), especially the rebuttal saying the original study never mentioned Google!

    Think Green! Brussels
  • A platform for world energy monitoring

    15 December 2008

    How are we going to make accurate comparisons between all the data on electricity consumption and fuel? How do you know if any two measurements are alike? When I heard about AMEE, a missing piece of the climate puzzle seemed to fall into place.

    Power meter

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