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SMART 2020

Enabling the low carbon society through information and communication technologies

Whether ICT is used to drive behaviour change or efficiency, it will be a crucial enabling force behind the transition to a viable society that breaks our reliance on fossil fuels. Molly Webb and industry guests are the authors of the blog. Molly co-authored the SMART 2020 report and directs The Climate Group's work on ICT and climate change.

  • Sleeping Beauty awakes?

    11 December 2008

    Today, while the EU Council debated the climate and energy package, Commissioner Viviane Reding and senior executives from company sponors of the SMART 2020 report discussed how to capitalise on the huge potential for information and communications technologies to deliver energy efficiency.

    Climate Smart Precincts
  • The new clean tech is... not tech?

    10 December 2008

    What is clean tech? In his opening remarks at an Intel Capital-hosted event on Dec 10, Richard Youngman of the Cleantech Group defined it as technologies focused on resource reduction activity and economic productivity.

    Wind tech
  • Everyone's got a vision? A global smart grid perspective

    08 December 2008

    Smart grid seems to mean something different to everyone. But that doesn't stop people from talking about it.

    Road tree
  • Car 2.0

    08 December 2008

    It isn't only established players who will create the businesses of the low carbon economy. Disruptive solutions can come from unexpected places.

    LED street lights
  • Who and what technologies will deliver the smart grid?

    27 November 2008

    Who and what technologies will deliver the smart grid?

    Ikea solar
  • US could avoid 20-30% of oil imports through ICT- enabled efficiency

    21 November 2008

    The SMART 2020 global report has spawned two regional reports, one for Portugal and one for the US which both launched in the past 2 weeks.

  • Dematerialization = more options

    04 November 2008

    How do we measure dematerialization? What is, for example, the overall impact of post vs. email?

    Information and Communication Technologies
  • Green IT strategy - not just power management

    01 November 2008

    How can organisations strategically use IT to optimise their operations and business for energy efficiency?

    Conference of the Reducers
  • SMART 2020 China

    20 October 2008

    On October 10, we held an event exploring the impllications of SMART 2020 solutions in China.

  • So what are you going to do about it?

    18 August 2008

    I've just come across Brad Allenby's article on the balancing act that goes on when we try to take action on climate change.

    South Australia - acting on climate change

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