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Power in Numbers event...

06 April 2010
Power in Numbers event...

By Molly Webb, Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group.

I'm off shortly to the event in Washington DC co-hosted by The Climate Group and Google, where Carol Browner, Charlene Begley, CEO of GE's Home and Business solutions, Intel, Tendril, Reliant Energy and policy and privacy experts will discuss the vision for giving consumers access to timely energy information, and the challenges to making it happen.

The event follows the letter sent to President Obama, signed by IT, Telecoms and Electronics companies and other NGOs focused on energy efficiency.

Send your questions to the panels on  Google Moderator. Some examples:

"How can consumers understand the stakes here? Who will speak to/for them?" and "Do you think that innovation in home energy use will really get to the speed without putting a real price on carbon?"

Tweets about the event will be found at #dctalks.

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