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Sustainable Mobility

From event reviews and breaking technology news to global policy changes, our bloggers explore the accelerating Clean Revolution in transport.

  • Everyone’s transport system is better than mine…

    24 October 2011

    In order to satisfy the big complaint from the private car owner, you have to provide joined-up transport policy and solutions ahead of pressure to change behaviour and driving social change.

    EV CA
  • Joined up transport policy…

    20 October 2011

    On my way from London at the present to a conference in Lyon, and I have reaffirmed my love for big joined up transport policy and planning.

  • Quebec's mega EV plans

    04 October 2011

    Recently I have been in Quebec, Montreal and Toronto in Canada, discussing the Quebec state plans for EV deployment.

  • Car sharing and Communauto

    04 October 2011

    I couldn’t resist passing on some exciting facts about car rental schemes and Communauto who are a major player out here in Quebec.

    Hiriko car
  • Freedom to roam – the car sellers dream

    04 October 2011

    For a long time now I have concluded that we are not up against a technology issue with EVs, but a social science issue which I now recognise as a feeling of freedom.

    LED street lights
  • Accelerated carbon challenges with new speed limit

    04 October 2011

    The UK Government has proposed a 80MPH motorway speed limit. And I thought the UK had carbon targets!?

    Haldia road
  • Plug surfing sounds cool - and it is

    23 September 2011

    Plug surfing looks like a community taking action - I always thought businesses would take the lead, but I am pleased to see the big society in the UK also playing a hand.

    We focus on speeding up low carbon technologies, like EVs
  • LCV11 – a matured event in the UK

    13 September 2011

    OK, so I got over excited about the EV racing car and missed out talking about why I found LCV11 a great event…

    Chevy volt
  • LCV event and a super EV car

    12 September 2011

    Well I’m back from my holiday and was revved-up and excited about visiting and presenting for The Climate Group at the biggest industry and government event of its kind in the UK, Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2011.

    EV fleets
  • Sitting on the Better Place fence

    08 August 2011

    Here's another ‘polarised’ debate about Project Better Place (a member of The Climate Group before you ask!) and its new battery-swap station in Denmark.

    EV fleets

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  • Sustainable Mobility

    From breaking technology news to global policy changes, our bloggers explore the accelerating Clean Revolution in transport