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Sustainable Mobility

From event reviews and breaking technology news to global policy changes, our bloggers explore the accelerating Clean Revolution in transport.

  • My weekend included an EV disguised as a hummer and a two page EV attack

    05 July 2011

    The Saturday Telegraph had yet another challenging two page attack on the electrification of transport but this time, it has allowed me to roll out one of my favourite explanations of why EVs represent the future, and one of the few ways by which 9 billion people will travel around on our planet with reasonable mobility.

    Basque EV
  • 'Electric Highway policy' is NOT a u-turn

    04 July 2011

    The Guardian article of June 30 entitled ‘Electric Highway policy marks latest coalition U-turn’ reports that the Government’s electric vehicle strategy published last week, is the latest green pledge to fall victim to spending cuts.

  • New UK plug-in vehicle document: nothing radical, but highly welcomed

    30 June 2011

    A Government strategy published today on plug-in vehicle infrastructure highlights the development of an EV fleet consortium led by The Climate Group as an example of how we can build momentum in the Electrification of Transport.

    Electric vehicle EV
  • More good news for EVs

    27 June 2011

    Reading the Guardian's story 'Electric Cars: Kiss Petrol Stations Goodbye' shows the growth in positive EV articles, proving that the tide is turning with EVs becoming desirable and cheap to run in the eyes of the press and also the consumer.

  • Huge growth for green fleets

    10 June 2011

    A study by Pike Research entitled Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Fleet Markets looks at the opportunities for light-duty HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs in global commercial fleet markets and forecasts a huge global growth in green fleets by 2015, highlighting the rapidly transforming Clean Revolution in the world of electric vehicles.

    China EV20 Executive Summary cover
  • Electrification of transportation: the moment of truth

    07 June 2011

    The Ernst & Young Electrification of Transport event offered me an electrifying moment in time, and I came away refreshed with ideas to use in our EV20 program.

  • Helpful SMMT Electic Car Guide published

    27 May 2011

    The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have just updated and published their Electric Car Guide 2011. The guide is presented in an easy to use Q & A style format and addresses the common queries associated with purchasing electric vehicles, helping drive the Clean Revolution in the transport world.

    EV fleets
  • A positive electric vehicle future

    19 May 2011

    Thank you, Sunday Times – Ingear, for a great article (17 May 2011) showing that the intelligent money is heading down the road of a positive electric vehicle future. Negativity from some parts of society resisting change is inevitable, and all part of the process of moving positively forward, but society has changed throughout history, and I don’t see it stopping.

    Robin Haycock's EV blog

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  • Sustainable Mobility

    From breaking technology news to global policy changes, our bloggers explore the accelerating Clean Revolution in transport