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BMW Flicks switch to go electric

01 August 2011
BMW Flicks switch to go electric

By Robin Haycock, Head of Transport, The Climate Group. 

With the news that BMW is to go electric, my Sunday was made. 

It's great to see BMW putting some real commitment and ‘front of stage’ publicity behind their future i8 supercar EV and the i3. It was only a couple of years back when they ripped the bottom out of a mini and slapped as many high output batteries into its rear seat area as possible and drove them through a high powered driveline to see what their customers thought (the customers loved it by the way).  

BMW are a serious company; they make sure they provide what their customers expect of them and they stick to their brand values, so the test bench that was the MiniE (read exciting fast dynamic performance which is also green) will surely transfer into these production products, and journalists will rave over them and the world will move on.

I have driven the MiniE and was excited, but I also had the privilege of driving another test EV vehicle from BMW - their Rolls Royce. Yes it’s not a production intent vehicle but it will gain an understanding of their customers opinion again, and just amazing it is, although I sadly will not be passing judgement as a potential customer! 

I am firmly of the belief that when BMW get serious and announce EV products going into production, we are seeing the world change.

I went to their evening event to where they talked about their 2012 Olympics products - and we will see these cars for sure -  but I also caught a sneak preview of a super cool electric bicycle with a few differences.  Its exciting times ahead… and further evidence that the future ahead of us could just be low carbon and a clean revolution where we are still excited by the products on offer.

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