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Huge growth for green fleets

10 June 2011
Huge growth for green fleets

By Robin Haycock, Head of Transport, The Climate Group. 

A study by Pike Research entitled Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Fleet Markets looks at the opportunities for light-duty HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs in global commercial fleet markets and forecasts a huge global growth in green fleets by 2015, highlighting the rapidly transforming Clean Revolution in the world of electric vehicles.

The report estimates that between 2010 and 2015, more than 1.3 million PEVs will be bought for use in green fleets, and nearly 400,000 vehicles will be sold annually by the end of 2015.

These targets are in line with our EV20 program which emphasizes how the scale-up of green fleets will create a reduction in overall fleet emissions as well as reduce costs in operations.

This research adds weight to the argument that fleet vehicles will be the route by which we shift from early adopters to mass market take up of electric vehicles.

I welcome the raising of awareness around the fleet opportunity, as this sector focuses on total cost of ownership and known duty cycles, which allow ‘sweet spots’ of vehicles to be identified for the early market of EVs.

The analysis so far is promising, but with the right initiatives and incentives, I believe that a target of an additional 1 million vehicles could be possible through activating the fleet market.

Along with our EV20 work stream, we are working in the field of fleet buying consortiums through our association with LaPoste in Paris and TNT, a member of the The Climate Group, who run the DC-TEC consortium in the Netherlands. 

Activities have been launched with the Electrification Coalition in North America and we're creating a similar coalition of fleet managers in the UK with partners Cenex, EST, TNT, TfL (London Mayor’s Office).

We’re continuing to conduct research in this area at present, and plan to publish a fleet user guide later in the year which will show how fleet managers can take advantage of this new market.

See more of our EV work.

Read the Executive Summary of Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Fleet Markets

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