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Plug surfing sounds cool - and it is

23 September 2011
Plug surfing sounds cool - and it is

By Robin Haycock, Head of Transport, The Climate Group. 

September 23, 2011. 

Have you heard of plug surfing? Here's a snippet of how they describe themselves on the website:

"Imagine a world where everyone signs up to Plugsurfing; a world where you can always rely on your neighbour to keep you charged up; a world with cleaner air and severely reduced carbon emissions. Plugsurfers, friends, together we get a firm tick in the 'right' box."

Plug surfing sounds cool and it is!

I may be late to pick this one up,  but it shows the benefit of open access data sharing of charge point information and communities coming back together can have on our future. 

Take a theoretical problem of ‘range anxiety’ – I only say theoretical because the trial data undertaken by many and specifically the BMW Mini E trials has shown that in far less than 3 months this phenomenon goes away (BMW believe it is less than 6 weeks).

Take a community approach and a bit of technology, and we have Plug surfing

Bingo – we have the start of an interactive accessible database of live charge stations where you could plug in and catch up with new friends…

Not sure about the Clarkson comment though… he left with a low battery and drove until his battery died to try and have a laugh… good job Nissan tracked his car through data logging – perhaps they have seen Top Gears activities earlier with Tesla!

So overall it looks like a community is taking action. I always thought businesses would take the lead,  but I am pleased to see the big society in the UK also playing a hand.

Well done Plug surfing - I hope we see more community action like this in the future.

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