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LED Scale-up consultation

ledLED Scale-up consultation 2014 – No need to wait: Accelerating adoption of LED street lighting

In February 2014  The Climate Group entered a new phase of our  LED work with the launch of a consultation process supported by our lead partner Philips Lighting with the aim of addressing the remaining regional barriers to LED adoption and to help accelerate the scale-up of energy efficient street lighting around the globe.

Building on our successful LED Lighsavers Trial, in 2012 we called for all new public lighting to be LED by 2015 and all street lighting to be LED (or as efficient) by 2020.

Since then, an increasing number of cities started exploring LEDs and many of the early adopters are reporting significant energy savings.  In 2015 the city of Los Angeles recently announced 63% energy saving up to $8.7 million USD from a full upgrade of their public lighting system to LEDs. Many more are following this example, with the largest reported project being the city of New York which recently announced an upgrade to 250,000 LED units.

LED consultation

However, despite these recent successes, many global cities have yet to make the switch. The primary goal of our consultation programme is therefore to identify and address the remaining adoption barriers that cities, states and regions and other stakeholders are currently facing locally. These barriers might range from technical, integration, operational or financing issues, to challenges around related policy, social and public acceptance.

We decided at the outset, not to undertake a general LED city survey or to seek to duplicate the efforts of the many other large national, regional and lighting agency initiatives that are focused on their regional promotion of LEDs. We recognize that every city and region has a unique history and infrastructure, and therefore our approach is to hold direct interviews and informal discussions with key stakeholders to discover the specific local barriers that are delaying adoption, and we seek to convene events designed to explore potential solutions.

We encourage cities, states, regions and stakeholder representatives to participate in these consultation and raise all the issues they feel crucial for this transition to happen. We also seek to invite existing users of LEDs to highlight their achievements and lessons learned.

If you are considering adoption of LEDs now or in the future, are currently involved in LED procurement, or have already adopted LEDs, please feel free to contact us and share your experiences.


To find out more about our LED scale-up consultation please contact:

Peter Curley - LED specialist at The Climate Group or Arianna Tozzi – Project Officer at The Climate Group


The LED Scale-up consultation includes a number of events around the globe. The regional consultations begin in advance of each event to ensure key areas for discussion are on the agenda, and that key stakeholders and potential solution providers are invited to participate.

The event schedule is provided below. 



Upcoming Events

  • January,2016 Latin America Workshop – In planning
  • February, 2016 Follow-up roundtable on exploring different financing mechanism to unlock funding for large scale LED street lighting in developing countries.
  • February 2016 South Asia Regional Workshop – In planning
  • March 2016 China Workshop – In planning
  • March 2016 Middle-East Workshop – In planning

For more information contact Dr Ben Ferrari, Partnerships Director, The Climate Group at

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