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LED Scale-up consultation

LED Scale-up consultation 2014 – No need to wait: Accelerating adoption of LED street lighting

In February we launched a new consultation process for 2014 to focus on accelerating the adoption of LED street lighting around the globe, supported by our Lead Partner Philips Lighting.

Lighting represents around 19% of global electricity consumption. And the potential savings that can be realized from large-scale replacement of aging street lighting with more energy efficient LED solutions can range from 50-70%, with up to 80% achievable with smart controls.

LED consultation

With the potential to make such immediate and significant energy savings, and with technology that is now proven and mature, accelerating the adoption of energy efficient street lighting is a major priority for The Climate Group. Building on our successful LED lighting trials in 12 global cities in 2012, we are renewing the call we made in Rio+20, that:

“All new public lighting – both street lighting and in public buildings – should be LED by 2015, with the aim of all public lighting being LED by 2020.”

More and more cities are already making the transition to LEDs, including New York City, who recently announced an upgrade of conventional street lighting to 250,000 LED units. Despite these recent successes many global cities have yet to make the switch.

The primary goal of this consultation is to identify the remaining LED adoption barriers that cities, states and regions and other stakeholders are currently facing locally. These barriers might range from technical, integration, operational or financing issues, to challenges of political, social or public acceptance.

We encourage cities, states and regions to participate in this consultation. Whether you are considering LEDs, currently involved in LED procurement, have already adopted LEDs, or have so far elected to delay or reject LEDs as a solution, join us.

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Events schedule

The LED Scale-up consultation will include a number of events around the globe. The regional consultations begin in advance of each event to ensure key areas for discussion are on the agenda, and that key stakeholders and potential solution providers are invited to participate. The event schedule is provided below. 

Please note, dates may be subject to change.


January 23 Launch announcement - WEF, Davos 

April 28 London Roundtable 

May 29 Dubai Roundtable  

September 10 Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

September 22 Climate Week NYC 2014

November 20 Austin TX, USA

November 25 Singapore/Malaysia

December 11 Beijing, China

December (TBC) India

Ongoing through 2014 will be Consultation outreach and discussions.


January (TBC) Interim consultation report - WEF, Davos

For more information contact Dr Ben Ferrari, Partnerships Director, The Climate Group at

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