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What you say about us

The Climate Group, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014, is globally recognized for its huge impact on the climate debate, and respected as one of the world’s most influential non-profits. 

Our 10 years of achievements are the product of the leadership and innovation of our membership, which is made up of over 100 major brands, sub-national governments and international institutions. Below are just a handful of quotes from these partners and supporters, that reveal what these powerful leaders think about The Climate Group.

Explore a list of our members, partners and supporters since 2004, to which we say: thank you.

Rt Hon Tony Blair The Climate Group’s unique ability to convene key business and government stakeholders, communicate the economic opportunities presented by bold climate action and drive leadership is unparalleled.

– Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister


The Climate Group's expertise can make an important difference here in the US and help win over reluctant (and even hostile) audiences.

– Deborah Fikes, World Evangelical Alliance Representative to the United Nations and Clean Revolution Ambassador

Deborah Fikes

Arnold Schwarzenegger

[The Climate Group was] instrumental in helping pass AB32, California's landmark greenhouse gas reduction bill.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former Governor of California



The Climate Group always manages to bring together the most inspiring and influential parties, ensuring a maximum scale of impact and an urgent call for action that is heard all over the world.

– Marieke Van Schaik, Managing Director, Nationale Postcode Loterij

Marieke Van Schaik

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

The Climate Group, in partnership with my Foundation among others, is encouraging business and government leaders by communicating the economic opportunities presented by bold climate action.

– HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco



Unlocking both public and, importantly, private sector finance to support transformational action on climate change is critical and we applaud the efforts of The Climate Group for advancing this important agenda.

– Rachel Kyte, Vice President for Sustainable Development, World Bank

Rachel Kyte

Johannes Remmel

The Climate Group gave us the unique opportunity to present our climate protection strategy at the COP19 in Warsaw to fellow States & Regions Alliance members. There is strong interest in sharing best practice at this level of government, which demonstrates that climate action must and can be from the bottom up. In many countries more ambition is demonstrated in this regard by state and regional governments than at the national government level. The Climate Group provides an exceptional platform for states and regions to showcase existing ambition, share good practice and encourage stronger action and ambition.

Johannes Remmel, Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia



As The Climate Group has consistently demonstrated, there is a huge business opportunity ready for those who grasp the green mantle.

–Rt Hon Edward Davey MP, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Ed Davey

Nicky Gavron

The Climate Group is a highly dynamic organization that has had a phenomenal impact over a short period – it has been absolutely crucial in helping London get our climate change agency off the ground.

– Nicky Gavron, Former Deputy Mayor, London



The Climate Group has provided us with first-rate strategic and technical advice as we move towards implementing our commitment to become carbon neutral.

–Stephen Green, Former Group CEO, HSBC Holdings PLC

Stephen Green

Edward Senzo Mchunu

The Climate Group has provided a solid networking platform for us to reflect on our bold vision of our future. Working jointly with our stakeholders and strategic partners, KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government is able to share our priorities and progress according to our National Development Plan and Provincial Growth and Development Plan.

– Mr Edward Senzo Mchunu, Premier of KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government



Progress in the [international] negotiations – and on the ground – is essential to building a 21st century clean energy economy, achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and assisting the world's poorest and most vulnerable people… we need all sectors of society to do their part; the contributions of the business community will be crucial. I welcome the efforts of organizations such as The Climate Group to mobilize private sector support and forge the partnerships we need to succeed.

– Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, UN

Ban Ki-moon

Geraldo Alckmin

On behalf of the State of Sao Paulo, I would like to congratulate The Climate Group on its 10th Anniversary. The Climate Group has proven to be pivotal to our decision making process, through sharing insights on efficiency, decarbonization and competitiveness. Their proactive, out-of-the-box mindset, has certainly contributed to the enactment of advanced regulations and to the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in Sao Paulo State. The UNFCCC has recognized the importance of local governments and grassroots movements, to which The Climate Group has also been paramount over the last decade.

– Geraldo Alckmin, Governor of the State of São Paulo



We are delighted, as always, to join The Climate Group in launching Climate Week NYC, which this year highlights the 'clean revolution' – the actions by businesses and governments worldwide that are reducing the impact of climate change. Coinciding as it does with the annual session of the UN General Assembly, Climate Week NYC helps call the attention of world leaders and world media to that all-important task.

– Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, New York City

Mayor Bloomberg

Franz Untersteller

The Climate Group provides Baden-Wuerttemberg with a unique platform to share knowledge and experience on climate issues internationally. I appreciate its efforts over the last decade to give the world’s climate policy a powerful voice, even in difficult times when other topics take center stage.

– Franz Untersteller, Minister for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Wuerttemberg



[Talking about SMART 2020] This partnership between GeSI (convened under the UNEP) and The Climate Group, with analytical support from McKinsey, gives us yet another platform for action and yet another compelling reason for reasoned optimism.

– Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and Executive Director, UN Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Achim Steiner

Pedro Spadale

The Climate Group proved to be an extraordinary partner at Rio+20 by encouraging several subnational governments to join the World Summit of States and Regions and to adhere to the commitments enshrined in the Declaration of Rio.

– Pedro Spadale, Head of International Relations of the State of Rio de Janeiro



I truly recognize and congratulate The Climate Group due to its great effort in forming and leading the strongest and most important world coalition of regional and state governments, all of whom are committed with dedicated actions against climate change, necessary for the beginning of a Clean Revolution.

– Félix González Canto, Governor of Quintana Roo, Mexico

Felix Gonzalez headshot

Michael Northrop

[Talking about Carbon Down, Profits Up] The Climate Group is to be applauded for compiling this straightforward report and broadcasting it to the world. This report is so suggestive and compelling that it should be required reading in every boardroom and every national and international ministerial meeting.

– Michael Northrop, Director of Sustainability Program, Rockefeller Brothers' Fund



The political climate has changed. There is a new urgency among governments to address climate change. Leading organizations like The Climate Group are helping bring stakeholders together to move the agenda forward.

– Neville Isdell, Chairman, The Coca-Cola Company

Neville Isdell

Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City

I am pleased that our government is now committed to retrofitting 22,000 street lamps over the next five years. We are working with the Philippine national government to craft a national program modelled on our approach. International collaboration through The Climate Group has brought us to this exciting juncture.

– Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City (Philippines)



The Climate Group deserves great praise for its focus on finding solutions to climate challenges and its active role in promoting commercialization of low carbon technologies.

– H. E. The Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming

Chinese Ambassador

You can be part of our leadership and innovation legacy. If you are a business, sub-national government or organization that wants to help build that future, join us.

The Climate Group started life 10 years ago when co-founders Jim Walker and Steve Howard--who were working on a borrowed laptop in an office rented using a credit card--brought together a handful of leaders and innovators from governments and businesses around the world. This group of pioneers were the first to see the positive business case for climate action. Together, we set out to share our vision and the hard evidence of the opportunities in building a low carbon economy.

Today, The Climate Group is an international coalition of some of the world’s most powerful leaders. It is globally recognized for its exceptional impact on the climate debate, and respected as one of the world’s most influential non-profits. Its membership is made up of over 100 major brands, sub-national governments and international institutions. The combined revenue of its corporate members is estimated to be in excess of US$1 trillion, while its regional government partners represent almost half a billion people.

Together, the people and partners who make up The Climate Group are now delivering programs worth millions of dollars that are driving a new, clean industrial revolution.

Explore our 10 year highlights         What you say about us

‘Success has many parents’, goes the saying. Nowhere is this truer than throughout The Climate Group’s brief yet extraordinary history. Our achievements are the product of the leadership and innovation of our members, partners, supporters and donors. To each and every one of you, we say: Thank you.

And to those who would be partners, we say: Welcome. Climate change, if left unchecked, poses the most serious of risks to our communities, business supply chains, harvests and security. The fast-growing clean energy and technology market, on the other hand, can not only future-proof, but also kick-start our stagnant economy. The challenge today’s leaders and innovators face, is how to unlock a Clean Revolution that builds resilience, creates value and grows prosperity. The Climate Group provides that opportunity.

Be part of our leadership and innovation legacy. If you are a business, sub-national government or organization that wants to help build that future, join us.

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