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The Climate Group is an award-winning, international non-profit. Our goal is a prosperous, low carbon future. We believe this will be achieved through a ‘clean revolution’: the rapid scale-up of low carbon energy and technology. 

We work with corporate and government partners to develop climate finance mechanisms, business models which promote innovation, and supportive policy frameworks. We convene leaders, share hard evidence of successful low carbon growth, and pilot practical solutions which can be replicated worldwide.  

Our offices are in Greater China, North America, India and Europe. 

Our vision is a prosperous, low carbon future for all.

Our mission is to inspire and convince leaders in government, business and society to reduce carbon emissions now and accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy.

Latest Press Releases

7 November 2015 - RE100: Broad Group pledges climate action

28 September 2015 - Climate Week NYC ends on a high with leaders agreeing to cooperate and more confident of a deal at COP21

25 September 2015 - 'Pilot' shows how switching world’s poor to clean energy could save them US$27 billion and save over 1 million lives

24 September 2015 - The Climate Group calls for all city street lighting to switch to LED by 2025

23 September 2015 - Fortune 500 listed companies pledge to use 100% renewable electricity 

22 September 2015 - State and regional governments commit to GHG savings greater than US annual emissions

22 September 2015 - Climate Week NYC opens with growing optimism that an achievable climate deal in Paris is within reach

2 September 2015 - Ahead of Climate Week NYC, leaders say that the low carbon economy is undeniable, irresistible and inevitable

27 August 2015 - The Climate Group welcomes appointment of board member Greg Barker to House of Lords

19 August 2015 - Industry leaders back renewable energy initiatives at The Climate Group India Off-Grid Energy Summit

2 July 2015 - Compact of States and Regions releases first round of targets

30 June 2015 - The Climate Group welcomes China COP commitment, calls on India and Brazil to follow suit

1 June 2015 - G7 and policymakers should respond positively to fossil fuel industry carbon pricing initiative

21 May 2015 - M&S joins RE100 campaign to be powered by 100% renewable energy

19 May 2015 - Climate action 'barometer' launched: experts say outlook is 'changeable'

18 May 2015 - President Hollande to address Climate Week Paris as business gathered at the Business & Climate Summit makes strong call for agreement at COP21

13 May 2015 - Former Conservative Minister joins Board of Trustees at The Climate Group

14 April 2015 - RE100: Campaign to help Chinese companies switch to renewable power

Media contacts

Beth Woodthorpe-Evans
Media Relations Manager, The Climate Group 
T +44 20 7960 2715

Greater China

Jing Wang
Media/Event Manager, The Climate Group


Anisha Laming
India Communications Manager, The Climate Group

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