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The Climate Group is an award-winning, international non-profit with offices in Greater China, North America, India and Europe. Our goal is to help leaders transition to a prosperous low carbon economy, driven by the rapid scale-up of clean and renewable energy.

We work in partnership with the world’s most influential business, state, regional, finance and civil society leaders. For over a decade we have worked to demonstrate the economic and business case for the low carbon economy, and create the political conditions necessary for a strong global framework that addresses climate risks and maximizes climate opportunities. 

The Climate Group is the convenor of Climate Week NYC. In September 2015, Climate Week NYC hosted 120 events as the collaborative space in support of the UN Summit to adopt the Post­2015 Development Agenda.

The global climate deal which has been struck at the Paris COP represents a new beginning: the chance to accelerate our low carbon future. We are working with governments, businesses and investors to implement the Paris Agreement, holding them to account where appropriate through reporting mechanisms, and ensuring we bend the emissions curve downwards to secure a thriving, clean economy for all.

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Media contacts

Beth Woodthorpe-Evans
Head of Media, The Climate Group 
T +44 20 7960 2715

Greater China

Jing Wang
Media/Event Manager, The Climate Group


Anisha Laming
India Communications Manager, The Climate Group

Interview Requests

For any interview requests, please contact

Please refer to the media email above for any requests to interview Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group.

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Latest Press Releases

12 December 2015 - The Climate Group and its States, Regions and business members: Paris deal “heralds change of course from fossil fuel to a clean economy”

7 December 2015 - State and regional leaders announce GHG pledges greater than China's annual emissions

7 December 2015 - Private sector switch to renewables "could cut CO2 by nearly 15%"

7 November 2015 - RE100: Broad Group pledges climate action

28 September 2015 - Climate Week NYC ends on a high with leaders agreeing to cooperate and more confident of a deal at COP21

25 September 2015 - 'Pilot' shows how switching world’s poor to clean energy could save them US$27 billion and save over 1 million lives

24 September 2015 - The Climate Group calls for all city street lighting to switch to LED by 2025

23 September 2015 - Fortune 500 listed companies pledge to use 100% renewable electricity 

22 September 2015 - State and regional governments commit to GHG savings greater than US annual emissions

22 September 2015 - Climate Week NYC opens with growing optimism that an achievable climate deal in Paris is within reach

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