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  • Insight Briefing | INDCs - Investment plans for low carbon growth

    19 March 2015

    Our latest Insight Briefing takes an in-depth look at INDCs and this critical economic opportunity. It examines what an INDC actually is and the impact they are likely to have on the road to Paris and beyond.

    indcs cover
  • Insight Briefing | 'Ecological Progress': Understanding China's new framework for sustainable development

    16 March 2015

    Our briefing explores ‘Ecological Progress’, a concept which has emerged in recent years as China’s underpinning theory for sustainable development. The government is now seeking to put the concept into practice to curb its record levels of pollution, consumption and dependence on resource imports, in its new economic five-year plan.

    china report cover
  • Insight Briefing | RE100: The journey to 100%

    19 January 2015

    RE100: The journey to 100% is the first report of RE100, an initiative of The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, a global campaign working with the world’s most influential businesses on their journeys to becoming 100% powered by renewables.

    RE100 insight briefing
  • Insight Briefing | COP20 Lima - Overview and assessment

    18 December 2014

    This Insight Briefing note looks at the key outcomes from COP20, shares the reactions from business and other observers, and provides our own assessment of what Lima means for the road ahead.

    cop20 report
  • Insight Briefing | COP20 Lima - thoughts and expectations

    27 November 2014

    Ahead of the 20th annual UN climate conference (COP20), which takes place from December 1-12 in Lima, Peru, our Head of International Policy Damian Ryan shares his thoughts and expectations in this special edition Insight Briefing.

  • Insight Briefing | Eco-civilization: China's blueprint for a new era

    03 March 2014

    This briefing provides international readers with an overview of the key policy priorities China's new leadership will adopt, focusing on its pioneering low carbon ‘eco-civilization’ concept, which will have a profound impact on China’s future economy.

    eco civ report
  • Insight Briefing | COP19 Warsaw - analysis on the outcomes

    28 November 2013

    This briefing provides an overview and assessment of the annual UN climate conference that was held in Warsaw in Poland from November 11–22, and is part of our regular ‘Insight’ series. The paper is complemented by a pre-COP briefing and blogs produced before and during the Warsaw summit respectively.

    warsaw cop19 poland
  • Insight Briefing | COP19 Warsaw - thoughts and expectations

    07 November 2013

    This briefing provides an overview and introduction to the COP process and key issues expected to shape UN climate talks at COP19 in Warsaw from November 11–22. The paper is part of our regular ‘Insight’ series, and will be complemented by blogs and a post-COP briefing to be produced during and after Warsaw respectively.

    warsaw cop19 poland
  • IPCC-special Insight Briefing | Climate science five-part series

    26 September 2013

    The Climate Group has written a five part briefing series covering the basics of climate science, ahead of our live broadcast with authors of the anticipated IPCC report, which will be launched immediately before the invite-only transmission on Friday September 27, at Climate Week NYC 2013.

    climate science briefing
  • American Clean Revolution: From dialogue to action

    22 September 2013

    What actions can be taken in the coming years in order to set the US on the path towards a truly low carbon, resilient society? This briefing explores this critical question, which will be the basis of the discussion among business and government leaders at this year’s Climate Week NYC 2013.

    acr cover

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