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  • Insight Briefing | Carbon pricing

    24 July 2013

    In light of the recent focus on the EU ETS, this briefing provides an overview of the state of carbon pricing policies around the world - including Australia, China, Europe, India, and the United States. It concludes that, while the EU ETS is in need of reforms, investors and policymakers should not give up on carbon pricing.

    carbon pricing city
  • Global outdoor LED trials

    26 March 2013

    LED outdoor products can cut energy consumed by lighting by more than half, LED products have now reached technological maturity for applications such as street lighting, and Canada and Québec are well positioned to benefit from an LED scale-up.

    Global Outdoor LED Trials: Analysis for lighting managers (English/French)
  • Lighting the Clean Revolution: The rise of LEDs and what it means for cities

    17 June 2012

    This report explores the global market status and potential for LED and smart control technology, and provides practical guidance for policy makers and lighting managers who want to scale up and finance large-scale LED retrofits.

    Lighting the Clean Revolution: The rise of LEDs and what it means for cities
  • American Innovation: Manufacturing Low Carbon Technologies in the Midwest

    28 January 2010

    This report estimates the economic impact that climate and energy policies would have on low-carbon manufacturing sectors in the Midwest (US), showing potential for significant job and revenue growth.

    AI report
  • Technology for a Low Carbon Future

    06 July 2009

    Tony Blair calls for immediate action on energy efficiency and a definitive commitment to develop the technologies needed to get the world started down the low-carbon path

    Technology for a Low Carbon Future
  • China's Low Carbon Leadership in Cities (Chinese)

    22 January 2009

    The report identifies four key leadership tools for any urban low carbon development strategy including: policy incentives, technology innovation, financing mechanisms and international co-operation.

    China's Low Carbon Leadership in Cities (Chinese)
  • Low Carbon Leader: Texas

    25 February 2008

    This report shows that incentives put in place under the 1999 Senate Bill 7 helped increase installed wind power capacity 280% in only seven years. As a result, Texas overtook California as the nation's largest producer of wind power, avoided three million tons of CO2 emissions and reduced the carbon footprint of every Texan by 250 pounds every year.

    Low Carbon Leader: Texas

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