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Our vision is a prosperous, low carbon future for all.

Our mission is to inspire and convince leaders in government, business and society to reduce carbon emissions now and accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy.

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The Climate Group is a registered UK charity (cc no. 1102909), a publicly supported 501(c)(3) in the USA (Federal Employer Identification Number 43-2073566) and a not-for-profit in Hong Kong.

Please support our work by donating directly to The Climate Group through our Just Giving page.

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How we're funded

The Climate Group celebrates its 10th birthday in 2014. We were extremely fortunate to benefit from a US$17 million, five-year unrestricted grant from HSBC in our first eight years, allowing us to make a significant impact in our early years and grow our operations. This partnership concluded in 2011. Now, as a charity with no regular government funding and to ensure our continued independence, we require financial support from like-minded donors who appreciate the scale of the challenge ahead of us and the time-limited nature of an effective response.

Philanthropic supporters give more than just financial support. We value their leadership and view of the world, which is often different to our corporate and government partners. We believe they have an important contribution to make at a strategic level and can help direct our work. As such, we will continue to invite philanthropic supporters to join our International Leadership Council or to become Clean Revolution Ambassadors where their leadership can help drive forward our vision. 

Our current philanthropic supporters include the Tellus Mater Foundation, Dutch Postcode Lottery, Zennström Philanthropies, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Current needs

The Climate Group is careful with its resources. We focus effort where we can achieve the greatest impact in return for any investment of time and money. But now is the moment for tackling climate change, and year-on-year our expenditure is rising.

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If you are interested in supporting us or finding out how we can help you deliver some of your own commitments or your own learning and strategy development through our work, please contact David Mole, Head of Philanthropy at The Climate Group 

Alternatively, you can donate directly to The Climate Group through our Just Giving page:

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