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The Clean Revolution


The Clean Revolution

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The Clean Revolution is a partnership of international statesmen and governments, business leaders and corporations, thinkers and opinion formers. It is coordinated by The Climate Group. It calls for a swift, massive scale-up of clean energy and infrastructure, and of smart technologies and design. We believe this is the only feasible path to a smarter, better, more prosperous future.

The initiative aims to create a tipping point for change by inspiring government and business leaders. It presents them with the evidence of the economic opportunities of the Clean Revolution, and profiles how innovative leadership is already transforming policies and markets around the world.

Our shared vision is of a world of clean and accessible energy, sustainable mobility, smart buildings and closed loop systems: a low carbon world with a thriving economy, quality employment, energy security, and where the quality of life of communities everywhere is enhanced.


By 2050, there will be nine billion people sharing our planet. And in the next 20 years, the world’s middle class will grow from less than 2 billion to over 4 billion. This growth will be coupled with enormous demand for resources.

Even now, despite a weak international economy, world energy consumption is soaring.

At the same time, by mid–century, we also need to reduce emissions by around 80% of today’s levels to avoid the social, environmental and economic impacts of climate change.

To achieve real emissions reductions we need a massive change in the way we produce and consume energy, so we can provide for more people - that are better off than ever before – in a way that makes financial sense.


A Clean Revolution will accelerate progress towards the change we need. A massive up-scale of clean technologies will improve the efficiency and use of our natural resources; it will create jobs and it will boost economic growth.

To drive this change we need bold, transformational leadership. The world’s decision makers have the power to create the tipping point towards a Clean Revolution. But to do this, they must understand the necessity and the opportunity of the low carbon economy.

Our Clean Revolution Campaign aims to do just that.


Over a period of three years we will show the world’s most influential people that the Clean Revolution is vital to raising living standards, creating lasting employment and improving productivity.

We will do this by showcasing successful examples of low carbon transformation from the city, state, region and business leaders around the world who are already working to scale up clean energy, increase energy efficiency and cut emissions.

And we will highlight the opportunities for the Clean Revolution leaders of tomorrow by connecting them at events and introducing them to key projects.

After introducing The Clean Revolution Campaign in September 2011 at Climate Week NYC, we officially launched The Campaign during the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil, in June 2012. The Campaign received the immediate backing of leaders from the world of government and business. Tony Blair, the former UK Prime Minister, delivered a passionate speech for Rio delegates in which he warned that those who failed to seize the moment would be left behind in the new global economy.

The message that these leading supporters of The Campaign are sending, is that the Clean Revolution is happening. Around the world. Right now.

Will YOU be part of it?

Visit for daily positive news: real evidence of the fast-growing low carbon economy.

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