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695X160 Opening Day Roundtable(1)

Our state and regional government program inspires national and international climate ambition through our members’ innovative policies.

Our global network of States & Regions demonstrates strong climate leadership, shares low carbon policies that work, and reports on emissions. Our members are investing in a low carbon future which drives economic development and helps build resilience against climate impacts. The success stories of these sub-national governments is raising national and international climate ambition. 


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Commercial financing for low carbon technologies must be scaled up. We’re finding the solutions to help remove barriers to growth.

Despite being commercially and technically proven, there is not enough investment in the low carbon solutions we need. But through our Low Carbon Finance work, commercial financiers and investors see clean technologies in a new light. We also work to get the policy support our partners need to accelerate energy efficiency, LED street lighting, off-grid clean energy and more in China, India and elsewhere.


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We work with leading businesses to develop smart climate strategies which give them the edge in the world’s growing low carbon market.

From LED lighting research and global clean tech summits to helping companies achieve ambitious carbon targets, through our work we provide real evidence that low carbon innovation delivers compelling returns on investment. We’re helping companies profit from putting low carbon strategies in place, developing innovative products and services, and going 100% renewable. It’s the new business mainstream.


Convening Leaders

Our leadership networks communicate the clear economic benefits and opportunities of a ‘clean revolution’ to key decision makers in business and government.

We bring together business and government leaders and major public figures who are able to engage their peers and influence action. These powerful voices are helping to create a political and economic ‘tipping point’ around ambitious climate policy and the swift transition to a low carbon economy: a clean revolution.

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