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Blair and Schwarzenegger Join International Business Leaders for Energy Roundtable

12:00AM, 01 July 2006
12:00AM, 01 July 2006
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Blair and Schwarzenegger Join International Business Leaders for Energy Roundtable

On Monday July 31st, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined a select group of prominent CEOs and business leaders from leading California and international companies at a roundtable discussion, convened by The Climate Group, to share ideas on how business and government can work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Because climate change is a global problem, it requires a global partnership between business, government and NGOs," said Dr. Steve Howard, CEO, The Climate Group. "We have convened the roundtable so that Prime Minister Blair and Governor Schwarzenegger can discuss practical ideas with business leaders. Focusing on how business and government can work together to bring about the technology revolution needed, the discussion will help accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy."

CEOs and Senior Executives participating in the roundtable discussion included Lord John Browne, BP; Charles O. Holliday Jr., DuPont; Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group; Sergey Brin, Google; John Bryson, Edison International; Jacques Dubois, Swiss Re; Dan Hendrix, Interface; Michael Morris, AEP; James Murdoch, British Sky Broadcasting; Anthony Pratt, Pratt Industries/Visy; Tom King, PG&E; Jeff Swartz, Timberland; Tracy Wolstencroft, Goldman Sachs; Rick Lazio, JPMorgan Chase and others.

"These companies represent one half trillion dollars in turnover, well more than 315,000 employees, and in excess of 207 million customers," said Dr. Howard. "We expect the discussion will include specific examples of what's already been rolled out in California and the UK - which are both leaders in reducing greenhouse emissions - so that we can build on best practices."

Research by The Climate Group has highlighted the economic up-side of curbing climate change. Many Fortune 500 companies, like BP and others attending the event, have already taken significant steps to reduce emissions and, in doing so, have decreased operations costs and increased profitability.

Speaking at the event, Lord Browne, CEO of BP, said: "Addressing climate change will take bold leadership. It's a global problem and will require a global solution. Meetings like the one held today between business and government leaders are an important step in building consensus on a way forward."

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