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Carbon Stewardship Council

12:00AM, 21 March 2007
12:00AM, 21 March 2007
To Be Confirmed
Carbon Stewardship Council

The Climate Group, Norton Rose, the CarbonNeutral Company and Vivid Economics are holding a workshop on carbon neutrality and carbon labelling. The Climate Group has made initial contact with many of the organisations involved in this field and, as a result of these discussions, is convinced that there is a clear need for an international standard on carbon neutrality.

The discussion paper outlines the possible vision and components of the standard and the process to develop an independent body to manage the standard. This work is being completed under the title Carbon Stewardship Council. No decision to establish a Carbon Stewardship Council has been made - the paper is intended to provide a basis for discussions.

The aim of the workshop is to:

> confirm whether there is a need for an international standard on carbon neutrality; and (if there is)

> agree the vision and process for developing a standard; and

> identify organisations that are interested in participating in the initiative.

More information is in the workshop programme.

Please note this event is by invitation only. If you'd like to attend please e-mail

Date: 11 April from 9am - 1pm

Venue: Norton Rose office: Kempson House, Camomile Street, London, EC3A 7AN.

Other workshops are following in the US, Australia (co-hosted by Baker & McKenzie) and Hong Kong (co-hosted by Norton Rose).

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