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Carbon Treasure - China's Corporate Carbon Strategy Program'

12:00AM, 06 November 2010
12:00AM, 06 November 2010
Beijing, China
Carbon Treasure - China's Corporate Carbon Strategy Program'

While the rest of the world wrangles with a recession and unemployment, China’s economy grows. At the same time, China’s government continues to lay out clearly defined energy policy. China’s carbon intensity reduction target (40-45% reduction below 2005 levels by 2020) will require a new level of involvement and leadership by the entire nation, especially the business community.

The business community simultaneously emits greenhouse gas emissions while providing the enabling technology, financing and touch-points with consumers needed to meet the reduction target. However, Chinese business on the whole is unaware of the risks and opportunities climate change presents. Fortunately, China is uniquely placed to manufacture, finance and deploy clean energy technology at scale and at speed. By engaging the power, finance and supply chain (manufacturing companies for the world’s leading retailers) sectors, Carbon Treasure will catalyze the acceleration of a low-carbon China.

The Climate Group’s Carbon Treasure Program has the following goals:

  • To raise awareness of the opportunities associated with carbon management for the Chinese business community, focusing on the finance and power sectors, and supply chain management.
  • To initiate corporate carbon strategy development together with business partners, including drafting potential strategies for each sector.
  • To create a communications platform for businesses and external resources (e.g. government, media and the public) to exchange carbon management information and solutions.
  • To develop and disseminate pioneering case studies in order to build the knowledge base of all Chinese businesses about low-carbon solutions.

The program will take advantage of The Climate Group’s global network of over 80 member companies and sub-national governments.

The Carbon Treasure program launch is being held in partnership with and generously supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, First Climate and QuMei Furniture and the HSBC Climate Partnership.

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