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Climate Leaders Summit 2009

12:00AM, 15 December 2009
12:00AM, 16 December 2009
DGI Byen Hotel, Copenhagen
Climate Leaders Summit 2009

The Climate Leaders Summit 2009 is a forum for the exchange of practical policy advice between government leader and CEOs of some of the world's leading low carbon technology companies and financial institutions.

Corporate leaders will announce investments in - and deployment of - new energy technologies. Policymakers will announce policies that will incentivize the roll out of key clean energy technology infrastructure.

Together, business leaders and sub national and local government leaders will demonstrate how they are working together to build the low-carbon economy of the future. These commitments will create critical momentum for the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place less than two miles away.


See our COP15 area for reporting from all of these events, as well as up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis of the negotiations. Note that all sessions listed below are strictly INVITATION ONLY.

Monday, December 14

Sino-US-Europe Panel Discussion: How to Remove the Trade Barriers on Low Carbon Technologies
Low Carbon Technologies have been significant in reducing GHG emissions. The US and countries from Europe contribute a lot to innovation and deployment of low carbon technologies while China is also making efforts to be one of the leading countries on low carbon technologies. Jointly organized by The Climate Group and CREIA Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, this panel discussion will invite the leading companies and associations from China, US and Europe to discuss how to remove the trade barriers on low carbon technologies.

Electric Vehicle Roundtable (Closed Session)
This event will bring leaders from cities, states and nations together with auto manufacturers, fleet owners, financiers and the electric vehicle supply chain who are working with The ˚Climate Group to develop a global initiative which will accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles.

Tuesday, December 15

States and Regions (Closed Session)
A discussion betweeen Premiers, Governors, Ministers, CEOs and Vice Presidents about the government and business cooperation required to implement a Global Deal.

Opening Commitment Session
Business leaders, Premiers, Governors and Mayors will demonstrate their support for a climate deal in Copenhagen and make commitments to take the practical actions needed to implement a global deal.


Concurrent High Level Roundtable Meetings
The afternoon's set of round tables bring technologies of the future, including electric vehicles, LED lighting, smart buildings and advanced renewable energy - together with the policies that are needed to get us on a path to 2050. This, combined with partnerships between developed and developing country regions, creates the first comprehensive global effort focused on building a low carbon economy.

Round Table 1: Radical Efficiency: Market Transformation in the Built Environment
This session highlights how innovative technologies and policies in energy efficiency are already creating jobs and building a clean energy economy.

Round Table 2: Power to the People: Our Clean Energy Future
This session will focus on the policies that work to promote the renewable energies of today and how we will expand technologies, such as concentrated solar power and smart grid transmission to fully de-carbonize tomorrow's energy systems.

Round Table 3: Low Carbon Futures for All: Developed/Developing Country Regions Working Together
This session will highlight the cooperative actions underway between developed and developing country regions to advance climate plans and specific mitigation and adaptation actions through the United Nations Development Program. These partnerships set the stage for real capacity building and technology transfer.

Gala Reception Honoring Governors and Premiers
The Climate Group and The Climate Registry/The Climate Action Reserve will host a gala reception in honor of the Governors and Premiers in attendance at the COP 15 negotiations.

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