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Climate Leaders Summit 2010

12:00AM, 06 December 2010
12:00AM, 08 December 2010
Cancun, Mexico
Climate Leaders Summit 2010

As countries meet in Cancun for high-level UN climate talks (COP16), action to cut greenhouse gas emissions is gathering momentum. Governments at all levels are accelerating smart, new climate policies. Similarly, companies are developing clean technologies and services because it makes good business sense to do so.

The world’s transition to a low carbon economy will come about through a clean industrial revolution led by business and political leaders. The Climate Leaders Summit 2010, on December 6-8 (view detailed event and speaker information for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3), will focus on initiatives and actions leaders are taking to bring about a ‘Clean Revolution’ – one that will create economic growth, jobs and secure a smarter, more prosperous future for all.

Members of The Climate Group’s international alliance of business, cities, states and regions will showcase their roles in the Clean Revolution. The Climate Group is delighted that this year’s Climate Leaders Summit will have a special focus on sub-national government leadership and action in China.

View The Climate Group's latest news, analysis and events from the Climate Leaders Summit 2010 in Cancun, Mexico.

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  • Note that all sessions listed below are strictly INVITATION ONLY.
  • To request an invitation to the Climate Leaders Summit 2010 please contact Please note that all requests are subject to The Climate Group’s approval.
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Monday, December 6

Climate Action in China's 12th Five-Year Plan: a breakfast roundtable
Guests include Chinese & international business leaders. (By special invitation only)

Chinese Cities in Action China Clean Revolution III report release and City panel discussion
The Climate Group will release a new report analyzing the low-carbon development of cities and regions throughout China. The Panel will discuss low carbon city development paths with a focus on planning and actions.


  • Dawei Li, Mayor of Song Xian County, Henan Province
  • Yaojun Lin, Head of Energy and Climate Division, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission
  • Zhao Jianhua, Deputy Director, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform  Commission
  • Director Fei Xie and Xiangming Meng, Management Center of China Clean Development Mechanism Fund
  • Junfeng Li, Deputy Director-General of Energy Research Institute, NDRC

Business and China's Clean Revolution: a panel discussion
A high-level panel discussion focusing on the views of Chinese and International business leaders on low carbon development.


  • Lun Feng, Chairman, Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Höeppe, Head of Geo Risk Research, Corporate Climate Centre Munich Re
  • Jennifer Layke, Director, Institute for Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls
  • Ms Hannah Jones, VP, Sustainable Business & Innovation, Government Public Affairs, Nike
  • Harry Verhaar, Senior Vice President Sustainability, Philips Lighting
  • Yue Zhang, CEO, Broad
  • Zaidong Zhang, President of Beijing Fengshang Real Estate.Co.,Ltd
  • Zhou Zhou, Chairman of TICO Digital Group

Closed Session: Meeting for State and Regional government leaders
A roundtable discussion between Premiers, Governors and Ministers on how they can continue to play a leadership role in global action to bring about a clean revolution. In this session leaders will agree the Cancun Statement and future joint action. (By special invitation only)

Supporting the Clean Revolution: actions and perspectives of Chinese environmental NGOs
This panel discussion will focus on case studies from Chinese foundations and local NGOs engaged in climate change adaptation.


  • Yongsheng Lei, General Secretary, Laoniu Foundation
  • Jing Li, General Secretary, Vantone Foundation
  • Peng Yang, Chairman of SEE Experts Committee
  • Yening Wei, Deputy Director of President Office, Vanton Group
  • Yang Xin, Responsible Officer of Greenriver
  • Yang Wanyi, Program Official of Shanshui Cente
  • Li Bo, General Director of Friends of Nature
  • Li Li, Chairman of Global Village of Beijing Environmental Education Center
  • Chen Jiliang, Responsible Officer of The Chinese Civil Climate Change Action Network

A Better World Reception
The Climate Group, Nike and Bicep will host the world’s most influential corporate and government leaders who are working to ignite a clean industrial revolution that will fight climate change, ensure economic growth, create jobs and secure a better world for all. We are excited to announce that a high-level delegation of Chinese municipal and provincial leaders will be attending the reception. (By special invitation only)

Tuesday, December 7

Closed Session: Electric vehicles breakfast
This working session will bring political leaders together with auto manufacturers, fleet owners, financiers and the electric vehicle supply chain who are working with The Climate Group on EV20, a global initiative designed to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles. (By special invitation only)

Clean Revolution Ceremony
A platform for government and business leaders at the forefront of the Clean Revolution to share their commitments and initiatives that will help deliver a cleaner, smarter, more prosperous future for all. These leaders will report back on actions achieved since Copenhagen and new initiatives they will take forward beyond Cancun.

Welcome Remarks

  • Steve Howard, CEO, The Climate Group
  • Governor Félix González, State of Quintana Roo

Clean Revolution Keynote Speakers

  • Achim Steiner, Executive Director, UNEP
  • Andrew Steer, Special Envoy on Climate Change, World Bank
  • Theodore Roosevelt IV, Managing Director, Barclays Capital
  • Ole Beier Sørensen, Chairman, IIGCC
  • Zhang Yue, Founder and CEO, Broad
  • Dale Seymour, Senior VP, Global CCS Institute
  • Lord Nicholas Stern, Professor of Economics and Government & Chair, the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

Subnational Keynote Speakers

  • Premier Mike Rann, South Australia
  • Premier Jean Charest, Quebec
  • President Jean Yves Le Drian, Brittany
  • Minister Rudolf Anschober, Upper Austria
  • Minister Jane Davidson, Wales
  • Vice-President Environment, Hélène Gassin, Île-de-France
  • Minister Markus Söder, Bavaria
  • Minister Jim Mather, Scotland
  • Mr Edward Yau, Secretary for the Environment, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Jianhua Zhao, Deputy Director, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission

Clean Revolution Lunch

Financing big projects: how we will find the money to fund the Clean Revolution

Market transformation: the policies needed to enable the Clean Revolution
Neither business nor government can transform our economy on its own. However, by working together it will become possible. This session will bring government and businesses leaders together to discuss practical examples and the specific policy measures we need to take to deliver the Clean Revolution. A panel of business and political leaders will provide examples of policies that are effective to support renewable energy, including wind and solar, energy efficiency through transparency, and access to information for consumers and the public and private sectors. Examples will also be provided of how policies are beginning to enable innovative new approaches to providing information for citizens, cities and decision makers in new ways, in smart cities, electricity grids and homes.

Speakers – Energy Efficiency and IT

  • Simon Giles, Accenture
  • Engelina Jaspers, Vice President for Sustainability, Hewlett Packard
  • Director General Ernst-Christoph Stolper, Ministry of the Environment and Conservation, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, North Rhine-Westphalia

Speakers – Clean Power

  • Minister Rudolf Anschober, Upper Austria
  • Minister Pierre Arcand, Quebec
  • Andrew Heintzman, Ontario
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Höppe, Head of Geo Risks Research/Corporate  Climate Centre, Munich Re
  • Tim O’ Loughlin, Commissioner for Renewable Energy South Australia
  • Joan MacNaughton, Vice President, Alstom
  • Dale Seymour, Global CCS Institute

A Clean Revolution for all: developed and developing regions working together
This session will highlight the cooperation underway between developed and developing country regions to advance climate plans and specific mitigation and adaptation actions. Panelists will exchange details on experiences in capacity building and technology transfer.


  • Josilene Ferrer, Head of Climate Change Office, São Paulo
  • Mrs Silvia Whizar, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, State of Tabasco (TBC)
  • Cuiping Liao, Guangzhou Energy Institution of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zhigang Luo, Guangzhou Energy Institution of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Yannick Glemarec, Executive Coordinator of the GEF,  UNDP
  • Andrew Mawejje, Chief Administrative Officer, Mbale

Climate Leaders Summit closing reception
The Climate Group will host a cocktail reception in honor of the Governors, Premiers and business leaders in attendance at the Climate Leaders Summit who are taking bold action.

Wednesday, December 8

Closed Session: Meeting for The Climate Group government members
This is a hands-on opportunity for The Climate Group government members to share experiences and learn from one another. (By special invitation only)

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