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Conference of the Reducers

12:00AM, 01 May 2005
12:00AM, 01 May 2005
To Be Confirmed
Conference of the Reducers

Canada's Prime Minister, Paul Martin and the UK's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, both addressed the meeting via video messages, with John Godfrey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada, and Elliot Morley, UK Environmental Minister contributing to the meeting in person. They were joined by Hon. John Thwaites, Deputy Premier of Victoria, Australia - a founder member of The Climate Group. Companies such as Lafarge, Dupont, Shell Renewables and NorskeCanada were also represented.

Speakers shared information and knowledge of their successful mitigation efforts and assessed how best to use their experience to promote effective reduction on a much wider scale. Specific areas for discussion include policy approaches to climate change, the role of the financial community, and reducing corporate emissions.

The Climate Group also launched its new publication Less is More, a series of 14 case-studies highlighting leaders on reducing emissions in the private and public sectors internationally. Selected examples of best practice can also be viewed on the Reducing Emissions page of this website.


> Canadian Prime Minister


> Conference Report

> Conference Agenda

> Presentation: Chris Boyd, Lafarge

> Presentation: Peter Fischer, German Government

> Presentation: Sonia Hamel, State of Massachusetts

> Presentation: Ravi Kuchibhotla, IBM

> Presentation: Chris Leigh, UK Government

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