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Consultation on Financing Clean Coal

12:00AM, 06 April 2011
12:00AM, 06 April 2011
9, Quai du Président Paul Doumer, 92920, Paris La Défense, France
Consultation on Financing Clean Coal

By invitation only.

In the absence of regulations governing the financing of coal-fired power stations The Climate Group is working with the Climate Principles Financial Institutions (CPFIs) to establish a leadership position on the issue. This was based on a shared desire to reduce carbon emissions from the power sector in addition to the anticipation of probable increases in regulatory and economic risks associated with carbon intensive portfolios. As part of this process The Climate Group, with the collaboration of the CPFIs, has developed a guidance note to provide voluntary standards for financing coal-fired power stations. We aim to publish the note to make it available to financial institutions, in addition to the CPFIs, for incorporation into their own policies in this area.

The group is holding a private consultation, hosted by Crédit Agricole, for financiers, power companies and power sector stakeholders to discuss the guidance note. The objective for the meeting is to review the note, and in particular the suggested standards.

Hosted by Crédit Agricole, this private consultation offers financiers, power companies and power sector stakeholders to discuss the guidance note which The Climate Group is developing with the adopters of the Climate Principles for financing clean coal.

The objectives of the meeting are to:


  • Review the suggested performance standards
  • Invite comments on the draft guidance note
  • Reach an understanding of how financial institutions and their clients together can drive the decarbonization of the coal fired power sector


10.30am - 1pm


  • Welcome from  Crédit Agricole
  • Overview of the Climate Principles adopters clean coal finance


  • Validity and achievability of suggested emissions standards
  • The emissions standards of new plants and the rate of improvement
  • Current and expected developments in clean coal technology

1pm - 2.30pm



Adopters of the Climate Principles
Jérôme Courcier, Director of Sustainable Development, Credit Agricole
Eric Cochard, Head of Sustainable Development, Credit Agricole CIB
Francis Sullivan, Deputy Head of Corporate Sustainability, HSBC
Andreas Spiegel, Senior Climate Change Advisor, Swiss Re
Karina Litvack, Head of Governance and Sustainable Investment, F&C
Juan Salazar, Analyst, Governance and Sustainability, F&C
Helen Henton, Head of Energy and Environmental Research, Standard Chartered Bank
Patrick Bader, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, BNP Paribas
Laurence Pessez, Social Responsibility Director, BNP Paribas

EDF Energy
GDF Suez
DONG Energy

Siemens Energy
World Energy Council
Global CCS Institute
World Coal Association 

The Climate Group’s team members

Emily Farnworth, Global Alliance Director and Climate Principles Manager
Bjorn Roberts, Global Head of Financial Institutions
Inigo Harrison-Topham, Analyst

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