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European Conference of Regions on Climate Action

12:00AM, 20 October 2011
12:00AM, 21 October 2011
Lyon, France
European Conference of Regions on Climate Action

On October 20- 21, 2011, The Region of Rhône-Alpes, the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD) and The Climate Group invite European regions, local authorities, businesses, NGOs and representatives of civil society to the European Conference of Regions on Climate Action in Lyon, France.

The event aims to promote a common approach of Regional Governments and Federated States reaffirming their commitment to support the EU climate and energy initiatives, with a view to giving impetus to international negotiations in Durban, South Africa in December this year, and in June 2012 for the Rio + 20 Conference on Sustainable Development.

It is a starting point for more regular high-level dialogue on climate change solutions in which Regional Governments exchange ideas and experiences creating a continuous momentum to spur a Clean Revolution at sub-national level

This two-day conference will highlight regional best practices and innovative public-private partnerships in order to tackle climate change, draw up a road map for further cooperation and strengthen practical actions on mitigation and adaptation. 

On the first day, three thematic workshops will highlight the particular opportunities and challenges of sub-national government action in sustainable transport, energy efficiency as well as interregional solidarity and cooperation

On the second day, high-level political representatives from sub-national governments will endorse the Lyon Declaration on regional climate action » reaffirming sub-national governments’ commitments as well as promoting action at EU and UN level.

Speakers include: Benoît Leclair, Vice-President for Energy and Climate Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, Mohamed Aslam, Minister for Housing, Transport and the Environment, The Maldives, José María Figueres*, President of the Carbon War Room, Maruxa Cardama, General Secretary, nrg4SD, Luc Bas, Director of European Programs, The Climate Group, Mike Rann, Premier of South Australia and co-chair of The Climate Group’s States and Regions Alliance, Bernard Soulage, Vice-President for Europe & International Relations, Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group, Lluís Recoder í Miralles, Minister for Territory and Sustainability, Catalonia, Co-Chair of nrg4SD, Arantxa Leturiondo, Deputy Minister for the Environment, Basque CountryMarcello Raimondi, Minister for the Environment, Lombardy, ItalyHélène Gassin, Vice-President Environment, Agriculture and Energy, Ile-de-France Region and Pawel Sliwa, Representative of the President of the Malopolska Voivode, Poland, Vice-President of the Environment Commission.

On Thursday October 20, the agenda includes:

  • Introduction to the conference
  • Workshops, 1st phase: Energy efficiency – Sustainable mobility – Solidarity for adaptation 
  • Workshops, 2nd phase: Energy efficiency – Sustainable mobility – Solidarity for adaptation
  • Parallel workshops on the three thematic areas: sustainable transport, energy efficiency and interregional solidarity and cooperation 
  • Initial review of the work carried out in the workshops
  • Summary of the first day

On Friday 21 October, the agenda includes:

  • Workshop reports and presentation of the commitments of Regional Governments and Federated States to strengthen mitigation efforts and adaptation strategies 
  • High-level contributions on implementing the clean revolution: Innovations and achievements led by sub-national governments to contribute to the emergence of a low carbon society 
  • Presentation of the “Lyon Declaration” to European and United Nations representatives 
  • Press conference and cocktail reception 

Download the full agenda 

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