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Financing IT & Telecom enabled energy efficiency

12:00AM, 03 December 2010
12:00AM, 03 December 2010
Mumbai, India
Financing IT & Telecom enabled energy efficiency

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This event is INVITE ONLY.

The Climate Group’s SMART2020 report (2008) documented ICT’s potential to make a 15% cut in global emissions and save EUR 600 billion through energy efficiency and dematerialization solutions.

Smart grids, smart buildings and smart logistics offer the greatest emissions and cost savings, while related government and business services would include:

  • Monitoring and managing the carbon footprint of services and cities/regions to enable better decision making;
  • Connected mobility and logistics solutions; distributed and community energy solutions;
  • Building energy information systems; resources management information; and LED and adaptive outdoor lighting.

It remains unclear whether financing mechanisms for such solutions differ from existing energy efficiency incentives. Meanwhile, India’s IT industry has the opportunity to grow services in the domestic market that become internationally competitive.

How could the financing to kick-start this industry be unlocked?

This roundtable is designed to share information on financing IT and telecoms-enabled energy efficiency projects in India.

Key objectives are:

  • Project developers to contribute case studies of current projects, with information on: how those projects are financed; key risks and barriers and how these were addressed; and achievements made.
  • For financial institutions to discuss how they currently provide finance for energy efficiency projects, and the challenges they see in financing the services that IT and telecoms can provide in this sector.


09:30am: Arrival and coffee

10:00am: Introduction and Overview

  • Molly Webb, The Climate Group, Overview of the opportunity and challenges
  • Cisco, Bangalore Building Case Study (TBC)
  • BESCOM – Implementing a Smart Grid (TBC)
  • A leading financial institution (TBC)

10:30am: Roundtable Discussion facilitated by The Climate Group

12:30pm: Lunch

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