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Hong Kong: The Climate Conference 2008

12:00AM, 28 October 2008
12:00AM, 28 October 2008
To Be Confirmed
Hong Kong: The Climate Conference 2008

On October 27, 2008, {theclimategroup} hosted "The Climate Conference 2008 - Making Business Sense of the Low Carbon Economy" in Hong Kong. More than 200 attendees representing government, leading corporations, NGOs and the media attended the conference.

Speakers and participants outlined the tremendous investment opportunity in renewable and low-carbon technologies such as renewable energy sources, systems and approaches which improve efficiency in manufacturing and transportation and the implications of these changes for financial markets and the economy.

Professor Lord Nicholas Stern of Brentford, former adviser to the UK Government on the economics of climate change, outlined in his keynote address the opportunities for governments around the world to leverage "green" technologies as drivers of economic growth and jobs creation as they create plans to respond to the growing global economic crisis. Lord Stern emphasized areas such as energy efficiency, infrastructure and public transport. He pointed out that whilst low-carbon solutions would be driven by private investment and consumption, government must create supporting policies to provide the proper incentives.

Companies participating in the event agreed that urgent action was required to accelerate the pace.

Ms Teresa Au, HSBC's Head of Corporate Sustainability for the Asia Pacific Region, said: "Asia's rapid development in recent decades means that it is becoming a vital area in tackling climate change. And tackling climate change should not be just a vision for the future, but a necessary reality of today."

The Climate Group CEO Steve Howard said "We have seen an ever-growing cohort of companies, cities and regional governments that have managed to cut their emissions and reap significant financial benefits. Clean technologies will prove to be the next significant development to have a major positive impact on economic and business models," said Dr Howard.

The Climate Conference 2008 - Making Business Sense of the Low Carbon Economy was supported by HSBC as Convening Partner and Swire Pacific as Strategic Partner.

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