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India: The Climate Group hosts its first India webinar

12:00AM, 28 April 2009
12:00AM, 28 April 2009
To Be Confirmed
India: The Climate Group hosts its first India webinar

The Climate Group organized its first webinar in India on Developing a Carbon Footprint Strategy this month.

The response was overwhelming with as many as 100 participants from India dialing in. Participants came from a diverse range of companies including Tata Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Intel, State Bank of India, HCC, Yes Bank and HSBC. Several participants had not experienced a webinar before and hence, was a revealing experience for them - a smart way to reduce their carbon footprint.

The participants were briefed on the key drivers to create a carbon strategy - regulation, new markets, media attention, stakeholder concerns, changing customer needs; carbon reductions opportunities and ways to monetize them; better adapted products; energy costs management, etc. They also got the opportunity to hear a firsthand account of managing footprint from a leading Indian company, ITC Limited.

ITC has the distinction of being a carbon positive company; reporting on its' footprint since 2002 and working on ways to mainstream its climate change strategy as part of its business strategy. ITC uses a four-prong approach to managing its footprint - energy conservation, use of renewable sources, sequestration through farm/social forestry and CDM projects.

Showcasing and sharing information from leading companies is key element of The Climate Group's approach to building leadership on climate change action in India.

The response to this first webinar showed that there is a huge appetite for such information sharing in the country. While there are several examples of corporate leadership in India on climate change, such as ITC, Suzlon (the fifth leading wind turbine supplier in the world),Infosys (plans to go carbon neutral by 2010) etc,; there is still a large need to raise awareness and build understanding on corporate leadership and opportunities of doing business in a low carbon world.

The Climate Group in India will increase such opportunities of peer learning as an effective way to progress corporate leadership on climate change in India.

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