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Leveraging Public & Private Finance in the Energy Efficiency Sector - roundtable

12:00AM, 13 August 2010
12:00AM, 13 August 2010
Mumbai, India
Leveraging Public & Private Finance in the Energy Efficiency Sector - roundtable

Despite the attractive benefits of energy efficiency projects, and an estimated $1 Billion potential investment, commercial energy efficiency financing in India has been low-key. While some of the progressive electricity regulators have finalized demand-side management regulations, and with others in the process of doing so (allowing DSM investments to be allowed as tariff pass-through), large-scale energy efficiency portfolios in the key economic sectors are limited. These sectors include commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Most of the current energy efficiency financing has been made through donor-funded lines of credit; but the commercial banks have not been able to engage in commercial financing as expected.

The proposed roundtable, organized by The Climate Group in discussion with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, will address the policies, key challenges and key financing opportunities in the energy efficiency (EE) sector. It is structured to assess the feasibility of leveraging public, donor and private financing to boost banks' efficiency portfolios. A pooled financing approach is likely to result in higher investments in the EE sector.

The roundtable will be hosted in the ICICI Bank, Bandra Kurla Complex, India, and attending participants will be senior officials from leading financial institutions.

The roundtable is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Review EE financing options conventionally tried so far;
  • Assess leveraging opportunities of pooling public, donor and private financing options;
  • Seek input from financial sector leaders and implementers on prospective design of such efforts;
  • Evolve next steps to develop pooled financing options through FI collaboration.

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