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Live Twitter Q&A with Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems

12:00AM, 15 May 2012
12:00AM, 15 May 2012
Twitter: @ClimateGroup
Live Twitter Q&A with Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems

On May 15, 2012, Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems will be live on Twitter to discuss Affordable comfort for all? Energy grids in 2020 and beyond - and answer all of your related questions. 

The live session with Colin will take place from 3-4pm GMT on Tuesday May 15, 2012, as part of our Twitter Q&A series which is running in May and June, to build momentum on topics that will be the focus at Rio+20 Earth Summit in June, 2012.

Commenting on the session, Colin Calder, CEO, PassivsSystems says: "This Q&A session will explore a bold proposition for the future: that our energy transition can be achieved without compromising affordable comfort for homeowners. A smart, systems approach to energy generation, use and storage has been proven to bring down energy costs at a domestic level, not increase them. And by acting as a vast energy store at the point of use, such systems will enable true smart grids by allowing demand response to take place without homeowners even noticing. There are win-wins to be had in the energy market that are only just beginning to be explored, and that is what I hope we'll be uncovering if you join me on Twitter with The Climate Group on May 15."

To take part, all you need to do is log-in to Twitter and head to @ClimateGroup at 3pm GMT on May 15. Colin will introduce the topic and share his views. You will then be invited to direct your questions to him – so start planning your questions now. Just be sure to include the hashtag #CleanRevolution, to make sure he doesn't miss your question. 

After the session ends, you will find a summary highlighting the key points from the debate here on

If you, your company, or sub-national government would like to be featured as a future guest to help put the Clean Revolution into action, tweet us at The @ClimateGroup now.

Add the 3pm GMT, May 15 event to your Outlook/Google calendars and follow our guests now:


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