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Lord Browne Dinner: Financing low carbon technologies in Europe

12:00AM, 15 March 2010
12:00AM, 15 March 2010
Lord Browne Dinner: Financing low carbon technologies in Europe

This event is Invite Only.

The roundtable with the EU-commission senior officials and business representatives will focus on how the post-Copenhagen EU diplomacy and domestic energy and climate change policy can accelerate financing for a low carbon economy.

Central issues for discussion will be:

  1. The move to an unconditional 30% CO2 emission reduction target;
  2. Binding energy efficiency targets;
  3. Mainstreaming climate change in the EU 2020 Strategy for jobs, competitiveness and growth;
  4. Financing the Strategic Energy Technology Plan and the EU budget priorities and financial perspectives.

    Other questions that will arise are:

    1. How can EU policy make a low carbon economy investable?
    2. What are the barriers to financing renewable energy?
    3. How can Public-Private Partnerships be further strengthened?

      Participants will include high-level representatives from:

      • DG Climate action
      • DG Energy
      • The power sector (e.g. Iberdrola, Scottish Power, Alstom)
      • Financial institutions (e.g. Munich Re, HSBC, European Investment Bank)
      • Clean tech providers (e.g. Better Place, Johnson Controls, Cisco, Siemens, Suntech)

      Results of the discussions will be communicated to the Spring Council on 25 March 2010

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