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Million-Forest Million-Miracle kick-off

12:00AM, 15 May 2011
12:00AM, 15 May 2011
798 UCCA, Beijing, China
Million-Forest Million-Miracle kick-off

This year, 2011 is International Year of Forests and the second year of our Million-Forest program in China. With wide support from various people and institutions, Million-Forest has successfully planted more than 1 million sea buckthorn trees in Tongwei, Gansu Province. In order to enhance the support to the climate impoverished areas, Million-Forest is launching the Million-Miracle plan together with Baidu Encyclopedia.

On May 15, 2011, the Million-Forest Million-Miracle kick-off launch event will be held at 798 UCCA, Beijing, China. Leaders of The Climate Group, China Green Foundation and UNEP, plus the President of Baidu, JCDecaux China and Million-Forest love ambassador Mi Yang will be present. But this is just the beginning. Million-Miracle will last for seven months and will conduct netizen environmental interactive activities in 100 cities in China, garner mass participation and make contributions to the fighting of Climate Poverty. This plan will come to an end at the Forest Conference in November.


3.30-3.45pm: Guests sign in
3.55-4pm: Guests admission
4-4.05pm: Opening performance
4.05-4.10pm: Host announces the launch of activity, introduces organizers and present guests
4.10-4.15pm: Organizers speech Ⅰ: The Climate Group Greater China Director, Changhua Wu
4.15-4.20pm: Organizers speech Ⅱ: Vice President of Baidu marketing, Guang Zhu
4.20-4.25pm: Introduction of Million-Miracle project, and Million-Forest video play
4.25-4.30pm: Love ambassador Mi Yang initiates Million-Miracle project
4.30-4.35: Guest interviews with UNEP(China) Chief Representative, Shigang Zhang, Deputy secretary-general and office director of China Green Foundation, Peng Chen
4.35-4.40pm: launch ceremony
4.40-5pm: Closing performance

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