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Regional Governments Endorse a Common Declaration on Climate Change

12:00AM, 29 January 2007
12:00AM, 29 January 2007
To Be Confirmed
Regional Governments Endorse a Common Declaration on Climate Change

At the close of the Climate Leaders Summit, hosted at the Conference of the Parties in Montreal by the Quebec and Manitoba governments and The Climate Group, regional governments from around the world signed a declaration to continue efforts to fight climate change through new and emerging initiatives that build a sustainable economy while reducing harmful greenhouses gases.

The declaration also urged other orders of governments, businesses and citizens in the global arena, including delegates assembled for the 11th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to join in the effort to develop strategies that will benefit the environment and our economy.

"There are many individuals, organisations, businesses and governments who have embraced this challenge and we have many positives upon which to build," said Manitoba Premier Gary Doer. "By recommitting ourselves to this fight, we can continue to support private and public sector investments and innovations that reduce emissions and build our economies for the benefit of our citizens."

As Québec Premier Jean Charest pointed out, global warming is a collective challenge that mobilizes all levels of government and all economic players, from everyday citizens to corporate executives. "The Leaders Summit Declaration shows that regional governments are prepared to invest more to fight climate change and to share their knowledge," Charest said in closing.

Regional governments from all over the world, including Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom signed the declaration. "Working together, in a spirit of cooperation, and with a commitment to achieving real reductions in GHG emissions, we will leave future generations a healthier, stronger and more closely connected planet", said the governor of Vermont James Douglas.

Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson added that "no issue has more impact internationally today than how we develop trade and use energy. It is directly related to foreign policy, the growth of the world economy and, of course, the environment".

Over the course of the summit, co-chaired by Charest and Doer, a number of leaders of local governments and the heads of major international corporations including Dupont, Swiss Re, HSBC, Alcan, Cinergy and Catalyst Paper outlined the economic benefits of implementing new measures and cutting-edge technologies that reduce and prevent greenhouse gas emissions in both the public and private sectors.

In signing the declaration, Charest and Doer stressed that it is important that this work continues, and that governments can provide leadership by setting reduction targets in the short, mid and long term. They agreed to continue sharing best practices and strategies that increase public awareness of climate change issues and solutions.

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