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Standard Chartered Hosts the Greatest Race on Earth 2007/2008

12:00AM, 28 November 2007
12:00AM, 28 November 2007
To Be Confirmed
Standard Chartered Hosts the Greatest Race on Earth 2007/2008

First launched in 2004, Standard Chartered's Greatest Race on Earth has turned the individual sport of marathon running into a collaborative team relay toward a living planet. The race is open to any team of four members. Each member of the team must run in any one of four marathons being run in Hong Kong, Singapore, Nairobi and Mumbai. The team with the fastest aggregate time across these four marathons gets the chance to share in a prize pool totaling over US$1 million.

Where do you come in? You make environmental pledges to support the national team of your choice. Your pledges are based across four main areas: water, land and forests, air quality and climate change, and education. These simple commitments, like turning off unused lights and reusing plastic bags, demand little effort and even less money. But they do add up. Standard Chartered proves this by committing US$1 million to environmental projects that will benefit the three nations with the most pledges.

It's that easy. You'll have to do it soon though - pledging closes on 17 March 2008. Visit the GROE website to learn more, make your pledge, and watch as the greatest race on earth - the race for a living planet - gets underway.

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