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The Climate Group Meets with Indian Corporates

12:00AM, 03 July 2008
12:00AM, 03 July 2008
To Be Confirmed
The Climate Group Meets with Indian Corporates

2 July 2008

The °Climate Group organised its first Meeting of Indian Corporates this month, just four months after starting operations there.

Indian representatives of existing Climate Group members, including HSBC and News Corp's Star TV, joined representatives from leading Indian companies such as Bajaj and Times of India. Notable was the presence of some of the leading Financial Institutions (ICICI, Yes Bank), which increasingly show interest in developing products and services to enable emission reductions.

Indian firms are showing considerable appetite to learn more, and to learn fast, about the business opportunities in the low carbon economy. Some sectors in India - cement, for example - already lead in efficiency. As documentation and dissemination of best practice increases, their learning will encourage further sectoral actions and improvements.

There are extremely encouraging indications of climate leadership forming from across the Indian business community. Emerging sectors such as ICT and financial services in India are showing great interest in taking leadership on climate change. So too are the sectors that they service, including power where the potential for emissions reduction is huge.

A further promising development: among the leading corporate houses with which The Climate Group is engaged are conglomerates of 'diverse businesses' (Automotive, Telecoms, Insurance, Real Estate, etc). The range of their interests allows tremendous scope for engagement across sectors whilst dealing with a sole business conglomerate.

The group that assembled for this first Meeting of Indian Corporates represents an early and extremely encouraging first step toward building and promoting strong climate leadership within India's corporate community.

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