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The Climate Group UK launch

12:00AM, 27 April 2005
12:00AM, 27 April 2005
To Be Confirmed
The Climate Group UK launch

"The Climate Group is looking beyond Kyoto, which is a first step in driving reductions," said Climate Group CEO Dr Steve Howard at the event. "We know that there are many leading companies and governments dedicated to meeting or exceeding those targets. By bringing the key players together for the first time, we believe that the world can turn the corner on climate change".

The Prime Minister put his full support behind The Climate Group, saying, "I think this is a very, very important initiative. I am delighted to see so many people from different parts of the world that are here today. This is an issue that will carry on dominating our agenda, but hopefully, with your help, it will dominate the agenda of the global community in years to come".

Climate Group founder members and supporters present included The German Government (Kai Schlegelmilch, Deputy Head of Climate, Federal Ministry of Environment), The State of California (Anne Baker, Deputy Secretary External Affairs, California EPA), The State of Connecticut (Arnold Brandyberry, COO, Connecticut Innovations), The State of Victoria (The Hon Tom Roper, Environment Advisor to the Victorian Government), BP (Lord John Browne, Group Chief Executive, by video message), HSBC (Sir John Bond, Group Chairman), Jysk (Lars Larsen, founder and owner), Lafarge (Jean-Francois Sautin, CEO Lafarge UK), NorskeCanada & The Canadian Forest Products Association (Russell Horner, President/CEO and Chairman respectively), Shell Renewables (Karen de Segundo, CEO), Swiss Re (John Coomber, CEO), Timberland (Jeff Swartz, CEO), The Greater London Assembly (Nicky Gavron, member), CARE International (Geoffrey Dennis, CEO), Greenpeace UK (Stephen Tindale, Executive Director) and WWF-UK (Robert Napier, CEO). Professor Sir David King, the UK Government's Chief Scientific Advisor also spoke on the challenge of responding to the threat of climate change.

The event attracted extensive media attention internationally. In the UK there were pieces in most of the major broadsheets including The Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Independent; and extensive TV and radio coverage included an interview with The Climate Group's CEO, Steve Howard, on Newsnight with veteran anchorman Jeremy Paxman. In the US the story was picked up by The Los Angeles Times and Miami Herald amongst others.

What colleagues said about the launch:

"The Victorian Government is excited to be a part of The Climate Group and is looking forward to working with leading governments and businesses to play a constructive role in seeking to address the threat of climate change." The Hon John Thwaites, Deputy Premier; Minister for Water & Environment; Victorian Government (Australia)

"We very much welcome the creation of a global organization focused on the identification and transfer of best practice in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in both the private and public sector. BP has much to learn, and welcomes the opportunity to join like minded organizations in supporting this initiative." Lord John Browne, Group Chief Executive, BP, video message for The Climate Group launch

"We will have difficult decisions to make in the future. I welcome the opportunity for HSBC to be a founder member of the bank working group of The Climate Group so that we can both learn and help shape the debate." Sir John Bond, Group Chairman, HSBC, speaking at the launch of The Climate Group

"The creation of this new network... will inspire others to take responsibility and follow their example, moving society toward the vitally important goal of sustainable development." Steven Rockefeller, Chair of the Board, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

"We attended the launch of The Climate Group in London last week and left feeling that we are now part of a very important movement that has the attention of leading nations, enlightened businesses and ENGOs. Needless to say we were proud to be associated with it." Stu Clugston, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, NorskeCanada.

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