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The Climate Group to launch 'Forward Chicago'

12:00AM, 13 November 2008
12:00AM, 13 November 2008
To Be Confirmed
The Climate Group to launch 'Forward Chicago'

The Climate Group is working in the City of Chicago to accelerate climate action in the American Midwest. This region will play a pivotal role in shaping the national response to climate change.

About Forward Chicago

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has taken ambitious steps to make Chicago one of America's greenest and most environmentally friendly cities. To amplify these efforts - and to accelerate such action in the greater Midwestern region - The Climate Group is launching an unprecedented program, Forward Chicago.

What it will do

Forward Chicago seeks to engage Chicago's leading businesses in public-private partnerships to implement selected climate initiatives. Participating companies will work in partnership with Forward Chicago partners, including the City of Chicago, Chicago 2016 (the organization managing the city's Olympic bid), Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago Community Ventures, Chicago Public Schools, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Friends of the Chicago River and ICLEI.

These partners are committed to showcasing and amplifying the environmental commitments - existing and new - of each participating company.

By scaling and communicating these efforts, Forward Chicago will work to help Mayor Daley realize Chicago's initial goal to reduce emissions 25 percent reduction below 1990 levels by 2020 and to achieve an 80 percent reduction below its 1990 GHG emissions level by the year 2050.

What companies will do

Participating companies will have the option to focus their efforts on either of two key Forward Chicago initiatives: greening Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid AND/OR supporting related initiatives throughout the City of Chicago, such as educating Chicagoans about the steps they can take to save money and the environment.

To green Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid, "21st Century Green Centers" will be created in the areas immediately surrounding the city's proposed Olympic venues. Through Forward Chicago, participating companies will have the exclusive opportunity to sponsor or implement an environmental initiative in one or more of the Green Centers.

These initiatives will tangibly help to green Chicago, green the bid, help fight climate change, and in the process, save money and improve the quality of life in Chicago's communities.

Participating companies can also elect to sponsor an initiative in the areas outside of the Green Centers.

Support Forward Chicago

The Climate Group is seeking the participation of leading businesses operating in and around the City of Chicago to support these ambitious initiatives.

To learn more about participation opportunities and corporate benefits, please contact Dasha Rettew at

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