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The UK Energy Summit 2012

12:00AM, 03 May 2012
12:00AM, 03 May 2012
The Grange, St Pauls, London
The UK Energy Summit 2012

The UK continues to face a range of urgent and critical energy challenges, with £200 billion in investment needed over the next two decades to build an infrastructure that will securely deliver low carbon energy, at affordable prices.

Policy decisions taken now will reverberate for decades. At this critical juncture, the UK Energy Summit 2012 will bring together policy makers, industry leaders, investors, regulators, innovators and influential thinkers to discuss how the UK’s vision for the energy sector is unfolding and what further actions are required to achieve a secure, low carbon economy.

Two panel debates of particular interest are: 

14.35 -  Engaging with and influencing the energy consumer

Colin Calder, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, PassivSystems

Stephen Fitzpatrick, Founder and Managing Director, Ovo Energy

Richard Lloyd, Executive Director, Which?

Andrew Warren, Director, Association for the Conservation of Energy

Baroness Worthington, Founding Director, Sandbag Climate Campaign

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group will be speaking at the session: Bringing innovation to the UK energy sector, from 3.35-4.20pm

Given the scale and urgency of the energy challenge, there’s no time to waste ideas. How could innovation in the energy sector help bring about transformational change? How can establishing partnerships (inside and outside the energy sector) foster the innovation process? What are the gaps in the UK’s current approach to innovation? What needs to be done to increase state support for research and development in new low carbon technologies and green energy alternatives? What obstacles currently lie in the way of the speedy uptake of clean technologies? Discussing these issues and more will be:

Robert Sorrell, Vice President Public Partnerships, BP

Dr David Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Technologies Institute

Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive Officer, RenewableUK

Mark Kenbar, Chief Executive Officer, The Climate Group 

Get more info here: UK Energy Summit 2012

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