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UK Roundtable on Fleet Electrification

12:00AM, 06 July 2011
12:00AM, 06 July 2011
UK Roundtable on Fleet Electrification

The Energy Saving Trust, Cenex, The Climate Group, TNT and Transport for London have partnered to host a private meeting between commercial and government fleet managers, vehicle OEMs, Utilities and Lease Companies on July 6 2011.

Speakers Kulveer Ranger, Transport for London; Nigel Underdown and Ian Featherstone, Energy Savings Trust; Robert Anderson, Cenex; Kate Armitage, Electric Vehicle Team Manager at EDF Energy and Jim Walker, International Programmes and Strategy Director, The Climate Group, will bring insight into the topic. 

It’s important to keep UK Government via OLEV in the loop, so joining the participants and supporting this initiative at an advisory level will be Rosie Snashall, Head of Consumer Incentives Team. SMMT’s lead on fleet activities Nigel Base will also support this initiative and this will help us communicate and work with the wider automotive and EV network through this important organization

Robin Haycock, Head of Transport, The Climate Group, said: "The purpose of the UK Roundtable on Fleet Electrification is to enable the creation of a wider fleet buying consortium for electric drive vehicles within the UK and use its collective purchasing power to develop models for scaling up market penetration. A fleet purchasing consortium is an opportunity for commercial and government fleets to pool knowledge, resources and buying momentum, to generate demand for electric drive vehicles. We see this as a great opportunity for fleets in bridging the gap between early market adopters and mass market uptake, but also as the right commercial decision for fleet owners. We hope to work through where these vehicle technologies really make sense in the next couple of years"

A typical group would consist of several companies and agencies of potentially variable size that work together or fund activities that will enable common vehicle specifications and performance characteristics to be developed around a limited number of vehicles.

Participants will have an opportunity to discuss key obstacles and opportunities relating to the acquisition of PHEVs and EVs.  The roundtable will work through the basics of the business case for fleet electrification and wider issues such as infrastructure, servicing etc, and participants will also share their experiences in electric drive acquisition and operations, as well as consider how a fleet purchasing consortium might function.

This invite only event will take place between 10am and 3pm in London.

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