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World Cities Leadership Climate Change Summit

12:00AM, 01 October 2005
12:00AM, 01 October 2005
To Be Confirmed
World Cities Leadership Climate Change Summit

On Tuesday 4th October over 20 major cities from across the developed and developing world met in London to discuss how to adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change and to exercise leadership in reducing emissions in the future.

The World Cities Leadership Climate Change Summit, which was organised by the Mayor of London, with help from The Climate Group, and supported by BP, EDF Energy and Thames Water aimed to kick-start long-term international collaboration on the pressing issue of climate change. World experts including Sir David King and Jaime Lerner, addressed the cities.

Speaking before the event, Nicky Gavron, Deputy Mayor of London said: 'Leadership from national governments is crucial in tackling climate change, but when it comes to practical action on the ground cities are centre stage. Cities have a special responsibility to cut emissions because they are huge consumers of energy and uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. And as the urgency for action increases, we cities need to build wider and stronger links across the world. That is why the Mayor and I are hosting the World Leadership Cities Climate Summit, to accelerate co-operation between cities committed to action.'

'London can learn from the experience of other cities, especially as the new London Climate Change Agency gets underway. I want to see this London summit as the start of long term international city collaboration on climate change.'

Throughout the two days mayors and senior figures from major cities across the world exchanged ideas and experience on both climate adaptation and mitigation strategies that work in large cities with a view to stimulating new commitments from city governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their own facilities, buildings and fleets.

Key specific outcomes included:

> Recognition of climate change as a serious threat requiring leadership at all levels to address. Participants at the conference signed a joint statement for presentation to the UNFCCC at COP11.

> Commitment to work together to tackle challenges faced by major world cities, both in adopting and promoting climate solutions as well as adaptation strategies.

> Commitment to sharing best practice and fostering exchange of key personnel as has been piloted between London and Toronto

> Commitment to pursuing low-carbon procurement strategies to encourage innovation and commercialisation of climate-friendly technologies. Interest in developing partnerships with corporate sector, both as supplier and as joint procurers of goods and services.

For further information please contact:

Chris Leigh

The Climate Group

+44 (0) 1483 719 400

Clare Brennan


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