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Wrap-Up: The Climate Group North America Members Meeting

12:00AM, 22 April 2008
12:00AM, 22 April 2008
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Wrap-Up: The Climate Group North America Members Meeting

From 31 March to 2 April 2008, The Climate Group held its first annual North America members meeting in Miami, Florida. Over sixty forward-thinking leaders from business and government convened to discuss issues, share best practice, and talk through future plans with a single shared objective: to formulate action plans to address the increasingly pressing issue of climate change.

Business leaders from dozens of major US companies joined representatives from the governments of several Canadian provinces, the US state of Florida and the city of New York to discuss strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the meeting, Miami Mayor Manny Diaz officially announced that the city of Miami would join The Climate Group.

This action-oriented session was immediately followed by a series of interactive break-out groups that brought together leaders from government and the private sector. Participants were selected to represent an effective cross-section of different business segments to help foster greater cross-fertilization.

One key learning was that participants feel that while they are all working towards solutions, efforts remain siloed, which slows progress and means duplication of effort. Some in the private sector expressed a desire to do more, and asked that government be more proactive in facilitating solutions. Business also could be more proactive in approaching government; this not only helps ensure policy direction more closely maps to the realities of doing business but it also gives government the political capital to act.

The meeting also featured presentations from and interactive sessions with China Director Changhua Wu and recently-appointed India Director Preeti Malhotra. The directors briefed members on the achievements and challenges in addressing climate change within their regions. Their discussions underscored a common theme: accelerated transfer and global diffusion of low carbon technologies are crucial if the global fight against climate change is to succeed.

This was an important takeaway for membership in both the public and especially the private sector, as members look to address supply-chain issues and work with overseas suppliers on carbon disclosure and low carbon strategy.

Members expressed their desire to "go deeper" within their own organizations and also discussed means to better integrate climate change within the corporate culture to secure greater employee "buy-in."

Consumer research presented at the meeting added further incentive to members' climate strategies and initiatives. The research showed little real demographic difference in attitudes towards climate change action: Consumers from all age groups and income levels now express similar views on the need for action.

This insight provides valuable guidance as The Climate Group prepares for the US launch of its consumer climate campaign Together on 5 June 2008.

Other topics covered during the meeting included:

> Green buildings

> Breaking the climate deadlock

> Supply chain and carbon neutrality

> Emerging markets

> Green energy

> Corporate philanthropy

> Climate conscious consumer

> Carbon markets and the Voluntary Carbon Standard

> IT solutions to climate change


If you would like more information about this meeting or about The °Climate Group, please contact:

Trina Chattoraj Mallik

Director of Corporate Engagement, North America

The °Climate Group

Tel: 646.233.0558

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