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B4E Summit: Innovation panel

9:00AM, 28 May 2013
5:00PM, 29 May 2013
The Hurlingham Club, London, UK
B4E Summit: Innovation panel

The Climate Group is launching a competition with Marblar called TheEarthHack, during an innovation panel at the 2013 B4E Summit in London.

The panel session is called 'Accelerating low carbon innovation for net zero impact; technology challenges, crowd sourcing and hackathons – method or madness?' and will look at the role and efficacy of new approaches to stimulating invention and innovation. There will be a particular focus on the design, management and impact of challenge-based models. 

Moderator: Malcolm Preston, Global Head of Sustainability Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Speakers will include:

Dan Perez, CEO, Marblar

Sascha Haslemayer, CEO, LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future 

Nick Christy , CEO, CINTEP Pty Ltd - Past winner of Dutch Nationale Postcode Loterij Green Challenge 

Scott Cain, Smart Cities Programme Leader, Technology Strategy Board

Ben Ferrari, Corporate Relations, The Climate Group

About TheEarthHack:

It’s time to start channeling the latent genius worldwide to collaboratively attack the biggest challenges in climate change, head-on. It’s time for TheEarthHack.

#TheEarthHack is a global competition which uses online crowdsourcing to find low carbon solutions with the potential to go mainstream. More details coming soon.

About B4E Summit:

B4E, Business for the Environment, is the leading international platform for dialogue and partnership solutions for the environment. The B4E summits bring together world leaders, CEOs, senior executives and industry experts to share ideas and commit to solutions, which address the most urgent environmental challenges facing the world today. More information about B4E.

Our CEO, Mark Kenber is also speaking on Tuesday May 28 at the B4E Summit Opening Address, along with Jim Leape, Director-General, WWF International, at 9am. See the agenda

Read more about the B4E Summit.

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