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China Climate Finance Research Project: The Forum

2:00PM, 11 November 2013
5:00PM, 11 November 2013
New Century Hotel, 3F, Century Hall II 19 Gulou Outer Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
China Climate Finance Research Project: The Forum

This forum is designed to put the spotlight on climate financing strategies for China's climate-smart growth as well as offer a platform for the launch of our China Climate Finance Research Project.

Climate change has become one of the most imperative challenges to human development in this century. The Working Group I Contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis”, stated that “warming in the climate system is unequivocal while human influence on the climate system is clear”.

To address the challenge and also to reconstruct a sustainable economic system after the financial crisis, climate-smart growth has been recognized as the only paradigm to pursue. As the World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change pointed out, …Act now, a ‘climate-smart’ world is feasible, and the costs for getting there will be high but still manageable.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has also called on financial institutions to scale up climate funding - on October 23 in Copenhagen, he said: “Our hope is that greater investment can move towards low-carbon assets, for the good of the world and the long-term financial health of investors. At the same time, development and commercial banks can and should unlock capital to enable low-carbon investments. And regulators can break barriers to facilitating these flows.”

And China has embarked well on a climate-smart growth path. As demonstrated by the current 12th Five-Year Plan green growth targets, the world’s largest developing country has been directing capital flows towards environmentally-friendly and climate-smart technologies and infrastructure over the past five years. This level of climate-smart growth ambition is expected to be further enhanced with the new generation of leaders in office today. Chinese President XI Jinping noted at the APEC Summit on October 7, that "We will strengthen ecological and environmental protection and promote resource conservation, to create a favorable production and living environment for the people, and make new contributions in addressing global climate change.” 

'New contributions' implies that China will be examining and adopting some innovative financing mechanisms to mainstream domestic climate-smart growth and in the meantime, to form closer partnerships with international financial institutions, bilateral and multilateral, as well as the private sector, to contribute to achieving global goals to address climate change challenges.

Shaping China's Climate Finance Policy, a leading piece of thought-leadership work in this sector, led by The Climate Group and supported by the UK SPF recently, concludes that the China's current climate finance situation features a large funding gap in the medium to long term. It also points out that domestic public funds are playing a leading role, and private capital in the future is the most potential source of climate finance, while international climate funding is shrinking. Climate finance system is still in the very early stage with many limitations in developing its management mechanisms and policy framework.

At this forum, which aims to address the financing gap and mainstream climate-smart investment, the three leading partners will officially launch the China Climate Finance Research Project in Beijing, supported by many other organizations, institutions, industrial associations, companies and networks. National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, China CDM Fund Management Center and The Climate Group jointly designed this project, to strengthen the resource allocation function of China’s capital market by providing updated research in innovative policy tools and financing mechanisms, link up financial institutions and enterprises, and drive private capital flows into climate-smart sectors.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group will moderate the forum, which brings together leading research experts, thought leaders, business players, policy makers and non-profit organizations to share views and knowledge on climate financing strategies for China’s climate-smart growth, and also to witness the launch of China Climate Finance Research Project.





LI Junfeng

Director, NCSC


Keynote Speech


Sebastian WOOD

Britain's Ambassador to China


Keynote Speech


Rachel KYTE

Vice President, Sustainable Development, The World Bank


Launch of China Climate Finance Research Project


Group photo




LI Junfeng, Director, NCSC

CHEN HuanDirector, China CDM Fund Management Center

WU Changhua, Greater China Director, The Climate Group


Tea Break


Panel Discussion Session A

Bridging the Gap of Climate Finance



CEO, The Climate Group

DU Shaozhong

Chairman, Beijing Environment Exchange

Peter COOK

Senior Investment Officer, IFC

HAN Xianfu

Chairman, XinAo Concrete Company

GIZ representative


Panel Discussion Session B

Mainstreaming the Climate-Smart Investment


Rachel KYTE                                                                      

Vice President, Sustainable Development, The World Bank

Dr. ZHENG Kangbin

Senior Investment Specialist,  ADB


Director, China CDM Fund Management Center

UNEP Expert

Jason ZHOU

Senior Vice President, Hanergy

16:20-16: 50



All the panelists





CEO, The Climate Group

For more information contact:

CAI Handuo

Research Manager, The Climate Group

Phone: +86 10 6440 3639 (ext. 8037)


LIU Suyang

Media Officer, The Climate Group


Special thanks to Jiaxin Charitable Fund of Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China.

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