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Fortune Brainstorm: GREEN Conference 2009

12:00AM, 09 February 2009
12:00AM, 09 February 2009
To Be Confirmed
Fortune Brainstorm: GREEN Conference 2009

About the Conference

In April 2008, Fortune hosted a gathering of over 300 top business and environmental leaders, as well as executives, academics, politicians and NGOs for the first Brainstorm: GREEN conference. They joined together for unprecedented gathering to discuss the impact of the green movement on business.

In April 2009, Fortune will again convene a cross-industry, cross-disciplinary dialogue about business and the environment and address the theme: How can business help solve the world's big environmental problems?

The sessions will reflect the progress - or lack thereof - over the past year, as well as the changing political and economic climates, technology breakthroughs, and business model innovations.

For more information and to register, visit the event website.

Confirmed speakers include

Steve Howard

CEO, The Climate Group

Shai Agassi

Founder and CEO, Project Better Place

Rich Lechner

Vice President, Energy & Environment, IBM Corp.

Ben Packard

Vice President, Global Responsibility, Starbucks Coffee Co.

Jeff Seabright

Vice President, Environment and Water Resources,The Coca-Cola Co

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