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LIVE Google+ Hangout about the EarthHack contest

4:00PM, 18 June 2013
7:00PM, 18 June 2013
LIVE Google+ Hangout about the EarthHack contest

We hosted a live Google+ Hangout with some of the judges of an exciting new innovation competition that we're running with Marblar, IKEA and Philips: the EarthHack.

EarthHack [sustainable homes] is a competition that uses online crowdsourcing to find genius energy-saving solutions for the home, that have the potential to go mainstream. Winning entries could help save 1 million tons of CO2 a year by 2020 -- and will share in a cash prize of US$25,000.

Below is the full, unedited version of the Hangout. An edited video will replace this one shortly.

What is EarthHack?

The EarthHack aims to unleash the power of creative thinking on how existing technology can be re-purposed towards creating tomorrow’s lower carbon, more sustainable homes.

Submitted ideas can explore potential solutions for any type of homes: from basic dwellings to towering apartment blocks, but all entries must 'reimagine' latent technology that creates or conserves energy.

Judges are looking for innovative companies and entrepreneurs from around the world that can transform markets, allowing the winners to become engineers of our low carbon future.

Winners will:

  • Share in a prize pot of US$25,000
  • Receive their award in New York during Climate Week NYC 2013
  • Work with 1000s of bright minds across the globe to create brand new applications
  • Work on a tested, and truly global, crowdsourcing platform
  • Get valuable feedback from experts at IKEA and Philips on the business potential of their idea.

Marblar, conceived at Oxford University, is a crowdsourcing platform that has already connected 1000 market applications for existing technologies that were thought to be purposeless. The contest is powered by Marblar in partnership with The Climate Group and with the support of IKEA and Philips.

Why Google+ Hangout?

A Google+ Hangout is a free video chat service that allows up to ten people to have a conversation live on the internet. Guests will discuss the EarthHack concept and what the judges are looking for in winning entries; plus there's the opportunity to get your questions answered live on air. 

Our Hangout will take place on June 18 at 4pm GMT+1.

Several guests are still to be confirmed, but confirmed panelists so far include:

Read more about The EarthHack

You can help us spread the word about EarthHack by copy and pasting any of the below tweets:

Engineers: Enter the #EarthHack & change how we consume energy in our homes by re-imagining existing technologies:

Know a budding innovator? Submit ideas on reducing household energy use to win $25k in the #EarthHack: 

Enter the #EarthHack contest to help create lower carbon homes with IKEA, Philips, @ClimateGroup and @Play_Marblar

IKEA, Philips, @ClimateGroup and @Play_Marblar are looking for inventors to re-imagine tech for sustainable homes:

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